Monday, 8 August 2011


Like waking up from a dream and wanting to go straight back to sleep so you can return to the dream, Echo Lake's songs are those songs that you don't want to end. But sadly, they do eventually end, so you'll have to savour every last second. What Echo Lake manage to do is balance their dreamy shimmer with a more direct yearning. But if you want solid proof of their wholesome goodness, then check this little factoid: their debut EP sold out the day it came out. You'll be yearning and gurning for Echo Lake before you know it, or you might just really enjoy it.

For Fans Of:

Beach House, Still Corners, Seapony

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Is there a band shaped hole in your soul? Even if there isn't, make some room in your life for Spector. They will need quite a bit of room however, because their songs are anthem sized anthems. Spector have decided to go back to a classic style of song writing, where the phrase "mass appeal" replaces the phrase "forward-thinking" on the drawing board. They have a winning formula of making the choruses sound bigger by having every member sing them in brotherly unison, making the guitars sound bigger by backing them up with synths and having a tight rhythm section. They also make an effort to dress up smartly and interact with the crowd when they play live. Champ dares you not to like them.

For Fans Of:

The Killers, Mystery Jets, The Maccabees

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Tv Girl sound like someone found a box of old radio jingle recordings and decided to loop them into songs and croon over the top. If that is true, then how genius is that? What is truly genius however is the power of TV Girl's songs to turn your bad day into a hummingly good one. What's more, you can get a huge chunk of their back catalogue for free off the net. Thank the sweet lord of music that there are bands like TV Girl around to put a smile on our grins!

For Fans Of:

Washed Out, Chad Valley, Neon Indian

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


The Sticks are a clattering, jangling, twitching, shaking and rattling force of musical exploration. They sound equal parts scary and dance-y. You could say they are no nonsense in their approach to cracking out their songs and jams, but they hardly make any sense at all. And are all the better for it! You get a feeling of them not giving a fig about anything when listening to their songs. Which in turn makes you not want to give a fig about anything and just flail about a bit. They make a quick and precise musical impression. You will love them.

For Fans Of:

Rapid Youth, Graffiti Island, Anguish Sandwich

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Straight from the word go on an Eagulls track, it's clear that more than just punky aggression is going to follow on from the opening chords. On tracks like "Fifteen" they find their own middle ground between angst and contemplation. They also change the pace sometimes, during the same track. Which will see them enjoyed by fans of Fucked Up and other more forward thinking guitar bands. Eagulls put their angst to better use than just sped up shout fests and have more fun with guitar arrangements and sometimes even harmonies. They blast out thunderous, stomach-winding thuds of sound, with a yobbish lead vocal filling your heart with fist pumping joy.

For Fans Of:

Fucked Up, Blood Visions, Crows

Friday, 15 July 2011


The beat making boys from Beat Connection sure know how to press the "epic" button on their synths. They also know their way around a good connection of beats too. Their soundcloud is chockablock full of instrumentals that induce head nodding and anthems like "In The Water" and "Silver Screen" that make you want to scream out that Beat Connection are your life. They are a bubbly, out-going, friendly band. If that doesn't make your ears want to go out on a date with them, then what is the point of life anymore? Also, it's summer! know.

For Fans Of:

Friendly Fires, Blood Diamonds, Washed Out