Monday, 30 August 2010


In all seriousness, Wild Nothing make the perfect music to sunbathe to. Try it for yourself some time, every time I have been catching the rays, I been catching the tunes from Wild Nothing. They are an absolutely genius new pop group from Virginia in the United States. The songs they make however, sound timeless, not tied down to a place or a specific sound. They sound very much like a band that doesn't follow a trend. They make their own blissed out pop for anyone to listen to and fall in love with. You don't have to wear certain clothes or come from a specific scene to appreciate Wild Nothing. Timeless and truely wonderous.

For Fans Of:

Beach Fossils, Cults, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Thursday, 19 August 2010


We all have fantasies about just letting go of this life that society needs us to live. To just not give a flying flip about anything and do whatever we want. If you don't feel ready to do that yet, then escape temporarily through the music of Cerebral Ballzy. It's absolutely exhilerating. It's some of the fastest and free willed music you'll hear all year. They have the attitude, they have the tunes. They don't need you, but it's most likely that you need them.

For Fans Of:

Trash Talk, Audacity, Pets

Sunday, 15 August 2010


The music that Washed Out brings to the world is free. Free from pretentiousness, hate and all other not nice stuff in the world. But what it is full of is positivity, love and you can almost feel the sun radiating from the fuzzy beats. A load of other music is described as the sound of summer, or the kind of music you listen to on lazy summer days spent chilling out, fair enough. But Washed Out IS that sound, there literally is no other way to describe it. Imagine you're in a dark club and they drop a Washed Out track, it will sound awesome through a tastey soundsystem, yet at the same time it will want to make you kick the doors down and bring the soundsystem pumping Washed Out into the sunshine. It's essential for everyone relishing the sunshine and the summer, for everyone who likes having a great time with their friends. Just set it all to music, set it to Washed Out.

For Fans Of:

Toro Y Moi, Cults, Neon Indian

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Granted, the name is as metal as an axe guitar printed with flames. But be fooled not! This band is a kick ass punk band with a brain that is conscious of feeling, thought and philosophy. So whilst watching them, you can choose to loose your marbles and go nuts OR stand and appreciate the musicianship of the tunes and the depth of the lyrics. How cool is that? They got a pretty sweet loud/quiet style going on too, so one minute you'll be all like "awww", the next you'll be "arrghghgh" (in a good way). They are young tims, but they know how to rock your world. Feel the angst! Feel the feelings! Feel the Blood Visions!

For Fans Of:

Dananananaykroyd, Fucked Up, Cap'n Jazz

Monday, 9 August 2010


Plodding along at a strange musical pace, Gummy Stumps come at you with a rambling front man, carefully plucked guitars and steady drums. It's all quite strange really but quite brilliant at the same time. Just the way people with imagination like it! They rebel against most musical stylings without trying too hard, there is no need too. Gummy Stumps are surreal, and yet very real. You can easily check them out and nod your head along to their obscure brilliance. Essential for all you oddballs out there, Gummy Stumps are a band you can confide in!

For Fans Of:

The Mobbs, The Fall, Golden Grrrls