Sunday, 15 August 2010


The music that Washed Out brings to the world is free. Free from pretentiousness, hate and all other not nice stuff in the world. But what it is full of is positivity, love and you can almost feel the sun radiating from the fuzzy beats. A load of other music is described as the sound of summer, or the kind of music you listen to on lazy summer days spent chilling out, fair enough. But Washed Out IS that sound, there literally is no other way to describe it. Imagine you're in a dark club and they drop a Washed Out track, it will sound awesome through a tastey soundsystem, yet at the same time it will want to make you kick the doors down and bring the soundsystem pumping Washed Out into the sunshine. It's essential for everyone relishing the sunshine and the summer, for everyone who likes having a great time with their friends. Just set it all to music, set it to Washed Out.

For Fans Of:

Toro Y Moi, Cults, Neon Indian

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