Monday, 8 August 2011


Like waking up from a dream and wanting to go straight back to sleep so you can return to the dream, Echo Lake's songs are those songs that you don't want to end. But sadly, they do eventually end, so you'll have to savour every last second. What Echo Lake manage to do is balance their dreamy shimmer with a more direct yearning. But if you want solid proof of their wholesome goodness, then check this little factoid: their debut EP sold out the day it came out. You'll be yearning and gurning for Echo Lake before you know it, or you might just really enjoy it.

For Fans Of:

Beach House, Still Corners, Seapony

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Is there a band shaped hole in your soul? Even if there isn't, make some room in your life for Spector. They will need quite a bit of room however, because their songs are anthem sized anthems. Spector have decided to go back to a classic style of song writing, where the phrase "mass appeal" replaces the phrase "forward-thinking" on the drawing board. They have a winning formula of making the choruses sound bigger by having every member sing them in brotherly unison, making the guitars sound bigger by backing them up with synths and having a tight rhythm section. They also make an effort to dress up smartly and interact with the crowd when they play live. Champ dares you not to like them.

For Fans Of:

The Killers, Mystery Jets, The Maccabees

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Tv Girl sound like someone found a box of old radio jingle recordings and decided to loop them into songs and croon over the top. If that is true, then how genius is that? What is truly genius however is the power of TV Girl's songs to turn your bad day into a hummingly good one. What's more, you can get a huge chunk of their back catalogue for free off the net. Thank the sweet lord of music that there are bands like TV Girl around to put a smile on our grins!

For Fans Of:

Washed Out, Chad Valley, Neon Indian

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


The Sticks are a clattering, jangling, twitching, shaking and rattling force of musical exploration. They sound equal parts scary and dance-y. You could say they are no nonsense in their approach to cracking out their songs and jams, but they hardly make any sense at all. And are all the better for it! You get a feeling of them not giving a fig about anything when listening to their songs. Which in turn makes you not want to give a fig about anything and just flail about a bit. They make a quick and precise musical impression. You will love them.

For Fans Of:

Rapid Youth, Graffiti Island, Anguish Sandwich

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Straight from the word go on an Eagulls track, it's clear that more than just punky aggression is going to follow on from the opening chords. On tracks like "Fifteen" they find their own middle ground between angst and contemplation. They also change the pace sometimes, during the same track. Which will see them enjoyed by fans of Fucked Up and other more forward thinking guitar bands. Eagulls put their angst to better use than just sped up shout fests and have more fun with guitar arrangements and sometimes even harmonies. They blast out thunderous, stomach-winding thuds of sound, with a yobbish lead vocal filling your heart with fist pumping joy.

For Fans Of:

Fucked Up, Blood Visions, Crows

Friday, 15 July 2011


The beat making boys from Beat Connection sure know how to press the "epic" button on their synths. They also know their way around a good connection of beats too. Their soundcloud is chockablock full of instrumentals that induce head nodding and anthems like "In The Water" and "Silver Screen" that make you want to scream out that Beat Connection are your life. They are a bubbly, out-going, friendly band. If that doesn't make your ears want to go out on a date with them, then what is the point of life anymore? Also, it's summer! know.

For Fans Of:

Friendly Fires, Blood Diamonds, Washed Out

Thursday, 7 July 2011


These guys are rocking their guitars with riffage that time forgot how to enjoy. Fed up with noodling and abstract distortion shredding? Even if you aren't, Ssssnakes are here to stick it, whatever it may be, to the man. Right in his mug. So let's all kick it. To put it directly and to the point, these dudes are direct and to the point. If they want to go skate boarding for instance, they will tell you about it through the medium of song. Where they came from? Who knows? Probably the land of ROCK.

For Fans Of:

Wavves, Blink 182, Cerebral Ballzy

Monday, 4 July 2011


You can now pick up copies for free from the following establishments of excellence...

The Wardrobe
5 The Ridings Arcade

The Nook Cafe
The Fishmarket
Bradshaw Street

Sunday, 3 July 2011


At Champ, we love anthems, and New Years Evil have one of the most optimistic fist pumpers ever conceived. This comes in the form of "Sonic Summer '91". They have more than that cookie of a track up their sleeves however, make no mistake! Their tracks veer recklessly from thunderous instrumental guitar work-outs to vocal lead corkers. What all their tracks have in common is their urgency, their unrelenting pace and their need for speed. Happy new years...evil!

For Fans Of:

72% Morrissey, You Slut!, Blood Visions

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Your Twenties couldn't be any more frustratingly good. They have played some shows, got some tunes up on the Internet, got some merch, got some blog love and magazine love. But! It feels like they should be ruling the festival slots, airwaves and the world by now. Just scan your hungry peepers over their facebook page and drink in all the fan's comments, pleading and begging for an album or a live performance. They have been in people's consciousnesses since about 2007 because of their knack for whacking out infectious songs with the potential for mass appeal. Their sound is very direct, positive and has a clear direction. They want to walk straight into your hearts and set up camp there. Songs like "Billionaires" and "Caught Wheel" are easy to fall in love with, the ooohs, the clean production and the general polished pop vibes are peng/swag/fit/leng/sick/juicy.

For Fans Of:

Fleetwood Mac, Metronomy, The Smiles

Friday, 1 July 2011


Bands that marry over-driven guitars with a constant up beat pace will NEVER GET OLD. The band James Leroy are the latest reminder that ear worming hooks coming from guitars as well as vocals is a good idea when it comes to music. Their sole mission seems to be creating a back catalogue of music that sounds like a radio DJ's entire play list. They vary between radio-ready hip shakers and crunchier, sometimes dancey-er numbers. But they still stay within their taught bubble of guitar sound.  The lyrics also veer from just having fun to more philosophical musings. They also have their own pocket size anthem "Wasting Our Time" which is so great. Their internet presence is minimalist to say the least, but it lets the music do the talking and walking. Who knows what time they existed in, if they are still going or even who they even are? Shivers of excitement!

For Fans Of:

The Strokes, NEEDLES//PINS, Your Twenties

Thursday, 30 June 2011


A funny Hatcham Social anecdote here: Champ saw one of them DJ at The Old Blue Last but didn't realise it was them until our mate Joss told us it was. Ok, not that funny. But who needs funny when Hatcham Social provide dramatic yearning with promise and conviction? 'How do they provide such promised prizes?' you cry! The answer is, with swelling guitar lines bashed out alongside the occasional synth chirp, all underpinned by some solid bass. The vocals are just the right side of dead-pan, with leaks of emotion and fun that make the choruses of songs such as "Crocodile" just that extra bit hummable. Some may quiver at the mention of synths alongside guitars, but like fellow Londoners The Horrors, Hatcham Social make it all work. Fans of a very British musical melodrama will fall in love with Hatcham Social, if you haven't already swooned. Hatcham Social have been doing their thang for a while now, another thing we learnt from Joss. Nice one Joss, nice one Hatcham Social. Next time any of you DJ, Champ will be smiling at you in adoration.

For Fans Of:

The Horrors, Wild Beasts, Weird Dreams

Monday, 27 June 2011


There are a few bands on myspace called The Smiles, but avoid them and head straight to the link below this gushing paragraph. The Smiles use of light and sprite-ly guitars will make you smile, the dual vocalists will make you smile and the drums that thud like running feet on sand will make you smile. The Smiles will make you smile with their nuggets of perfected popular song, they will make you smile until your face aches. They have a lot of character, which gives their songs a face that you can really love. Their song "California Girls" for instance, is much nicer than the innuendo-fest of  Katie Perry's song of the same title. Like The Beach Boys before them, their simple yet precise and to the point choice of name, lyrical subject matter and overall sound works like a dog riding a skateboard. It just has so much appeal potential. Seriously, it'll put a smile on your face.

For Fans Of:

French Kissing, Vampire Weekend, Harlem

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Champ presents SECRET ADMIRER

Secret Admirer is our new fanzine, that aims to ask musicians the questions that all you fanboys and fangirls have always wanted to know the answers to. The first issue is out now, featuring interviews with Lee Francis from Archives and the Camden dwelling band Tribes. We aim to put copies in shops and general lovely spaces all over! So look out for Secret Admirer, pick up a copy and spread the word! Keep it right here at Champ for all the updates on Secret Admirer. IT IS FREE!

Saturday, 25 June 2011


It is a shame that music has lost a little of it's originality. But why not enjoy the fruits of new musical labour that are still growing ripe, even if they do taste like you've tasted them before. Of course, enthusiasm helps, and NEEDLES//PINS have overflowing buckets of that! Don't you worry! What they also have are skatter-brained, strum-tastic, rip-roaring, life-snorting songs. Their sound is effortlessly infectious, so no need for quirky marketing, keyboards or a beanie hat with these guys. Funny name, but soon the only words you'll be able to think about are the words to anthems like "Drop It" and "Kalifornia Korner". Penned guessed it, NEEDLES//PINS.

For Fans Of:

French Kissing, Sex Beet, Lovvers

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


The music floating about under the monstrous moniker of Foxes In Fiction is packed, like a pack lunch made by a loving mother, with soaring swishyness and barely-awake vocal laments. Although Champ cant think of many foxes from fictional stuff apart from Fantastic Mr.Fox, Champ can think of plenty of places to listen to Foxes In Fiction. Part of the fun is trying to decipher which instrument is making which ambient shimmery noise. Another part of the fun is spinning around the room, your ears filled with the glorious songs of Foxes In Fiction. Spinning spinning spinning, until you dizzily drop to the ground.

For Fans Of:

Beach House, Youth Lagoon, Teen Daze

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Here's a sneaky peek at some table decorations I've been working on for the Nook Cafe in Northampton. Chlo

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Monday, 23 May 2011


 Youth Lagoon manages to conjure up an epic style that is both broad and contained in it's own world. When listening to tracks like "Cannons" and "July", one is immersed in this world. A world where his whispered croon is at the back of the mix, making it even more mysterious and cryptic. A world where the most simple and roughly recorded versions of instrumentation build and swell to epic proportions. Various instruments help to pluck at the heart strings, ranging from piano to guitar to crunchy percussion. They are fragile little gems of sound, so make like Indiana Jones and dig them out from the Tomb Of The Internet.

For Fans Of:

Therapies Son, Memory Tapes, Beach House

Thursday, 19 May 2011


It was my birthday and I got given some lovely things, so I made these for some lovely people.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Tribes first got mouths yabbering and drooling by simply playing gigs, no internet, no hype man or media forward thrust. And if that isn't enough to convince you that these guys are true rock N rollers then their songs will. Big guitars, quiet bits then loud bits, booming drums, throaty vocals and raise the roof choruses are what Tribes have got to give. They are here to do nothing but make you feel good by bashing it out on guitars. Let's all take a minute to feel good about that.

For Fans Of:

Mona, The Vaccines, Jimmy Eat World

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Ahh the simple pleasurable pleasures in life. Fear Of Men just made it to the top of the list of pleasures in life, compiled by the great gods of goodness. But enough with that mumbojumbo, Fear Of Men are here! Bringing with them, melodically rich offerings of song. The lyrical meanings won't come straight away, but what will grab you by the ears and tug, is the choir like harmonies, gently strummed guitars and softly thudding drums. They released a tape recently on record label Sex Is Disgusting. Try googleing "FEAR OF MEN SEX IS DISGUSTING" and see what chortle-inducing things turn up. Jokes aside however, Fear Of Men have a daintily melancholic pep in their step and they are jolly well worth a listen. There is nothing to fear my dear, with Fear Of Men here, don't steer clear, ride a deer, into their arms!

For Fans Of:

La Sera, Dum Dum Girls, Veronica Falls

Thursday, 5 May 2011


So maybe Champ is a bit late on the How To Dress Well phenomenon, but boy is he fine G. Where he may not show you the way to dressing well, he will show you his shiny new songs that will make you feel cold in a good way. Nice shivers. Alas, How To Dress Well, at first listen, may make you want to yawn and say things like "boo lo-fi" or "hiss! hipster poo". But just build a bridge, because How To Dress Well are worth your ear time. He do it better than anyone ever seen do it. According to the internet evidence, its just one dude making the dreamy, barely held together by a thread R'n'B. He has taken a genre that has lost its cool from constant overplaying on the radio and overproduction from overproducing over-producers. And do you know what he has done with it? He has made R'n'B ice cold cool again. The rhythm bit of Rhythm and Blues though, has been replaced with abstract synth washing sounds and general atmospheric tension. The Blues is there in all it's cryptic glory. It works really well, and accompanied by his soulfully high pitched croon, a winning formula has been invented. Gold has been struck. It's not cool to just pigeon hole the man into ethereal R'n'B. But it sounds cool. And so does How To Dress Well.

For Fans Of:

The Weeknd, Blackbird Blackbird, Balam Acab

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Some people are gifted. Eric Rivera is one of those people. He has a creative buzz around him that brings to the world: comics, art, videos and best of all: songs. He has been performing them solo as Eric Rivera around the town of Northampton and has become the man, the myth, the legend. Done. His creative output comes mainly from Cologne Factory, which is his comic book imprint and the name given to his musical output. He is also involved with the brilliantly nut job Mankindness Records. So you get the picture: awesome dude, with enough ideas for three people's minds. Then when you hear his songs, you'll know why music is one of his most exuberantly good talents. Whistles, yodels, guitar strums and deranged lyricism make each one of his songs just the right amount of catchy and the nice side of weird. They make sense to the ears. Trust.

For Fans Of:

Winston Echo, Magic Tricks, Line & A Dot

Thursday, 28 April 2011


 Each one of Disclosure tracks has a different atmosphere, a different sound and a fresh plate of hot steamy beats. This means that Disclosure are 1) clever, 2) fun to listen to and 3) big in the beat game. So next time you hop skip and jump down to your local disco, expect tracks like "Carnival" to be pumping loud. Disclosure are making forward and backward thinking beats that sound shiny and new. Tired of dance being under a hazy lo-fi smog? Take a shower with Disclosure. They are clean. They are also fast when it's good to be fast, and laid back when it's good to be laid back. They don't stick to one sound or musical template. They constantly deliver, they switch it up a notch! So whether your a DnB head, a Dubstepper, a slave to Chillwave or even if you just sell lemonade on a street corner, Disclosure need to be in your headphones making your legs twitch.

For Fans Of:

Mount Kimbie, Beat Connection, Hard Mix

Friday, 22 April 2011


Shannon And The Clams could quite easily run off a bunch of their songs without spending time figuring them out or adding anything extra. Because strip away all the extra loving attention the songs have been given and what you will find are some brilliantly pure pop songs. What makes them extra mouth watering is all the crazed backing vocals, the lead vocals that belt out each song like it was the last song being sung, the twinkly yet unhinged guitar and the undeniable energy that makes them fizz. Every twang, strum, ooh and aah builds up to a musical equivalent of blowing through a straw into a milkshake and watching the bubbles froth over the edge of the glass. This band makes for some seriously good listening. Boys and girls, get ready to swoon.

For Fans Of:

Hunx And His Punx, Girls, French Kissing

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


A new era of electronic beat making is bubbling up from the depths of the internet. Blood Diamonds are one of those beat makers who are swimming with more confident strokes to the top of the game. They are big in the game. Or should be anyway, it's hard to tell with the internet sometimes. Utilize the web dear reader, and poor some Blood Diamonds beats down your ear lobes. They are funky, dancey and their chopped up samples add a human touch to their other wordly sound scapes. Soon to be soundtracking a club night near you: Blood Diamonds. Precious stuff.

For Fans Of:

Purity Ring, Four Tet, Jamie XX

Friday, 8 April 2011


They are by no means easy on the old ears. But what they are proving is that girls can grunt and shout like a thug, just as well as dudes can. It all sounds quite bish bash bosh, but their charm lies in their honesty, both in delivery and the lyrics of the songs. I think to appreciate their vibes fully, you'd need to witness Thrush Metal live. Good one Thrush Metal, for switching it up and bringing girl power back, not that it ever went away. The world just needs a reminder sometimes. What better reminder than an (un)healthy dose of Thrush Metal. With lyrics like "Put your pussy in his face", it's enough to make your gran choke on a hard boiled sweet. So learn the heimlich maneuver before you give them a listen at your gran's house.

For Fans Of:

Pens, Lazy Mary, Kate Nash

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


just a teeny weeny animationy thing i made.
fave boy dancing to one of my fave songs.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Just when you thought electronic music couldn't be taken any further, something fresh and fruity comes along. Ready for you to suck up into your ears through a straw. Two Inch Punch is a crackly, sample-led marathon of melody and strange noises working together in perfect harmony. The Two Inch Punch sound is one that is always shifting. Just when your ears are succuming to a pitch shifted melody here or a flourish of bleeps there, they are whisked away again. To be replaced with something else, equally as fizzy and joyous. When it comes to summer, Two Inch Punch is what you'll hummer.

For Fans Of:

Baths, Gold Panda, Ghosthunter

Friday, 1 April 2011


Each belter that is belted out by Therapies Son is belting. People will complain and say "aww wah wah this isn't worthy of being celebrated, it's just this or it's just that." Haters gonna hate. It's the kind of music that doesn't need to be looked into deeply or criticized or hype hype hyped. It's something to be enjoyed, something to hum or whistle as you skip on down the road. Melody is key in anthems like "Touching Down" or "Yellow Mama", two of the tracks already making people joyous. Therapies Son make it great to hear a sweet guitar lick or a punchy piano chord again. Even his ghostly croon is pleasurable on the ears. Whether it's heard in it's current lo-fi state or whether it gets pumped up to hi-fi, the melodies are what shine on! Enjoy yourself with a bit of Therapies Son.

For Fans Of:

Beach Boys, Grizzly Bear, La Sera

Friday, 25 March 2011


This band is crazy and they like it fast. Some of their tunes are pretty laid back, but most try and raise the roof with 'smash crash bash' drums, 'chug chug chug' guitar, 'boom boom bass' and 'I'm hurting a little inside' vocal delivery. The lead singer is prone to just start screaming half way through songs, so watch out for that. They make actual throwing up sound much more fun than it is! But why throw up when you've got Throwing Up to get on down to?

For Fans Of:

Divorce, Comanechi, Male Bonding

Thursday, 24 March 2011


You'll be under these chap's spell pretty soon. They know exactly when to make you dance, when to make you think and when to make you squirm with how flippin' brilliant they are. Forget Harry Potter, what does he know about a guitar? Raquels are great at mixing it all up a bit whilst retaining the elements of a catchy, twitchy toe inducing sound. Keep a bloodshot eye on these guys, or a normal eye, depending on how excited you become after listening to them.

For Fans Of:

Archives, Savant, The Maccabees

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


These lovely ladies, and man, make earning music fans complete devotion look easy. Betty And The Werewolves is the name, earnest yet energetic songs are the game. They embody all that is great about being in a band. They dress in funky clothes, they have a great name that follows the 'Someone And The Somethings' template, they write catchy songs rich in melody and they wield guitars! They sound really nice, and if you're nice, you'll love them! That's the basics. Betty And The Werewolves, come 'ere and get a big hug. Please.

For Fans Of:

Best Coast, Blondie, Frankie Rose And The Outs

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


just a lil taste of what i'm doing at the moment. these bad boys are yet to be printed onto tea towels. dig it.

Monday, 21 March 2011


A dudette from the Vivian Girls, a dude from Woods?! This band must be amazing. You got it spot on sister! The Babies kick out the feel good jams and they don't stop kicking for no man or beast! Both lyrically simple and tunefully simple, The Babies are a whole lot of fun. Their songs are free wheelin', motor bike driving odes to the good times. You'd be a fool not to put them on your ipod, start driving a motor bike and drive off into the sunset shouting "the open road".

For Fans Of:

Vivian Girls, Nodzzz, Woods

Thursday, 17 March 2011



Often, bands with enthusiasm for crazy ideas and throwing together different sounds are fobbed off as arty fart farts. Please, for the love of Bill and Ted, don't fob off Jonquil. They are far too infectiously catchy and enthusiastic for you to simply brush them off your shoulder. Coming on strong with summery vibes and sounds that make you want to dance in three different directions at once, Jonquil are quite frankly brilliant. Fans of strange structured songs that are easy on the ears and the eyes will love Jonquil. How can you not love a band called Jonquil? And the main dude from Jonquil is now doing Chad Valley which is equally brilliant. His croon is the talk of the town, and Jonquil are the cat's pyjamas.

For Fans Of;

Animal Collective, Chad Valley, Fixers

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


The name is funny, because if any one's pet opened their mouth and barked out a Prize Pets song, the owners would be arrested. Prize Pets deliver unsettling menace in tight packages, straight to the door of your ears. But they don't bother to knock, they just barge straight on in. Prepare to have your limbs moving in all different directions when their anthems "New Weirdos" and "Chocolate Advert" spring into life. Search Prize Pets on and you'll find a page with a free song, simple as that. And don't worry, their songs don't hang around for long. They rock then they stop.

For Fans Of:

Pheromoans, Wildlife, Warm Brains

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


The Castillians. Hot damn. These guys know how to rock. And roll no doubt. It sounds like they penned a bunch of hummable rock'n'roll ditties, then got really pissed off just before they sang them. The pace is furious, the singing is furious but they retain their poppyness. So if you like your guys wielding guitars with a pissed off atttitude that they are happy to share, don't cast your peepers any further than The Castillians. You may sit there, listening to them and thinking "I could do that". News flash buddy! You could, but you didn't. The Castillians did.

For Fans Of:

French Kissing, Black Lips, Sex Beet

Monday, 14 March 2011


newest work. week long project on 'annoying things'. made this lil foldy-zine thing.