Friday, 1 April 2011


Each belter that is belted out by Therapies Son is belting. People will complain and say "aww wah wah this isn't worthy of being celebrated, it's just this or it's just that." Haters gonna hate. It's the kind of music that doesn't need to be looked into deeply or criticized or hype hype hyped. It's something to be enjoyed, something to hum or whistle as you skip on down the road. Melody is key in anthems like "Touching Down" or "Yellow Mama", two of the tracks already making people joyous. Therapies Son make it great to hear a sweet guitar lick or a punchy piano chord again. Even his ghostly croon is pleasurable on the ears. Whether it's heard in it's current lo-fi state or whether it gets pumped up to hi-fi, the melodies are what shine on! Enjoy yourself with a bit of Therapies Son.

For Fans Of:

Beach Boys, Grizzly Bear, La Sera

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