Thursday, 28 April 2011


 Each one of Disclosure tracks has a different atmosphere, a different sound and a fresh plate of hot steamy beats. This means that Disclosure are 1) clever, 2) fun to listen to and 3) big in the beat game. So next time you hop skip and jump down to your local disco, expect tracks like "Carnival" to be pumping loud. Disclosure are making forward and backward thinking beats that sound shiny and new. Tired of dance being under a hazy lo-fi smog? Take a shower with Disclosure. They are clean. They are also fast when it's good to be fast, and laid back when it's good to be laid back. They don't stick to one sound or musical template. They constantly deliver, they switch it up a notch! So whether your a DnB head, a Dubstepper, a slave to Chillwave or even if you just sell lemonade on a street corner, Disclosure need to be in your headphones making your legs twitch.

For Fans Of:

Mount Kimbie, Beat Connection, Hard Mix

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