Friday, 30 July 2010


Beach Fossils play the kind of guitar music that makes you fall in love with notes and lead guitar lines again. Instead of hammering out the tired and sometimes overused chord progressions, they gently pluck out shimmering notes and overlaping guitar lines. Their music reminds you that playing the guitar is a true art form with their simple yet effective music. The drums keep everything moving steadily forward and the vocals bring a dreamy haze to the laid back guitars. This is the kind of music to shuffle to, to dream to, to think to. Beach Fossils, thank you!

For Fans Of:

Blank Dogs, The Drums, Sonic Youth

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Graffiti Island are bringing a refreshing new style to the new scene of lo-fi punk bands. Through their style however, they set themselves apart from any scene by doing something different. The lyrics conjure up images straight out of your favourite horror film and combined with the vocal delivery, it's enough to make you shiver! The rhythm section will also make your legs quiver, but in the dancing way. Their songs are direct, catchy and strange. Get lost on Graffiti Island.

For Fans Of:

Reading Rainbow, Teen Sheikhs, Pens

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Sometimes you just can't beat a good song, free from strange experimental vibes, free from punk angst. Fergus & Geronimo make those kind of simple, catchy pop songs that can't do anything except appeal! The only thing I can think of that is slightly out of place with them is that their recordings are lo-fi, but thats cool at the moment. They have the jangle of the guitars, the pitter patter of the drums, the hum of keyboards and the love struck vocals. These guys are essential for people who just love a good song to hum, it's good to have simple, feel good songs in the world. Thank you Fergus & Geronimo for bringing them by the truck load.

For Fans Of:

Magic Kids, The Drums, Best Coast

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Nothing quite like a bunch of yearning youngsters expressing themselves through their music. GROUPLOVE are one of those bands where the results of such expressions are 100% awesome. They combine the loud with the quiet, the uplifting with the sad and the results are truely epic. And what a fitting name! You can feel the love that the five members have for eachother and pretty much everything around them. You want to escape? Jump into some huge headphones and crank up the volume on their songs such as "Colours" and "Naked Kids". Whats that you say? You love voices singing as one in harmony? You love anthems? I think what you mean to say is that you love GROUPLOVE.

For Fans Of:

Arcade Fire, Avi Buffalo, Girls

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


He can't sing. They play too fast. But wait, ITS GOOD! Sauna Youth make that glorious in your face music that makes you want to jump up and down on the spot, and maybe bump into other people. They have something to say and they are saying it in a very loud and fast fashion. They rock hard and are doing it for the hell of it from the sounds of things. Can't say fairer than that.

For Fans Of:

Double Dagger, Blood Visions, Lovvers

Friday, 16 July 2010


Three dudes making some down right dirty guitar pop taking inspiration from all the best sub genres? Surf, punk, indie and more? WOW! Sounds like i'd really want to listen to them and rock the funk out. You guessed right Timmy, or whatever your name is! Fungi Girls DO IT and they DO IT good. What is it they do, you ask? They combine shredding fuzz with juicy guitar licks and sing like they don't care that much. It all gets mixed together to create some lovely, if gloomy at times, guitar pop! You can shuffle to it, you can lose your mind to it, you can gaze at your shoes to it. Its just pretty darn cool. Essential for lovers of the guitar, and of the pop! Instead of just completely ripping off their idols, they take the inspiration and turn it into something of their own. Fungi Girls, WE SALUTE YOU!

For Fans Of:

Abe Vigoda, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Wavves