Saturday, 26 June 2010


Who is Quasimoto? That's part of the appeal of their music. You can tell that the beats are provided by Madlib, his beats are too signature not to be recognised. But the high pitched, confident flow of the Lord Quas? Who knows... But enough about the mystery of the people behind the genius. Quasimoto is making hip hop interesting again, the voice in question sounds like it has a helium balloon for a voice box and the instrumentals are awesome collages of vocal samples, jazz records and generally strange stuff, as expected from Madlib. Quasimoto is almost literally spitting in the face of the often terrible mainstream hip hop scene. For the best Quasimoto experience you should check out his debut album "The Unseen". Quasimoto is the coolest cartoon alter-ego genius since the Gorrilaz captured our imaginations. The beats are big, the rhymes are effortless and Quasimoto's music as a whole is one tripping journey. But of course, he's Lord Quas to you and I.

For Fans Of:

Madlib, MF DOOM, Madvillain

Thursday, 24 June 2010


With any band, the attitude is very important. The attitude can often be more inspiring that the music, take punk for instance. Wavves have a fresh attitude towards making distorted guitar pop songs which makes them a cut above the rest of the current scene of lo-fi punk. Nothing new, they juxtapose fuzzed up guitar with vocals that are a combination of punk slur and pop as pop can be melodies and hooks. But the fact that they do it so well is undeniable!!! And who cares about whats new and pushing the boundaries these days? Its too hard to do. And its clear Wavves dont care either. They are doing their own thing, and that is an attitude to admire. They are sticking it to the man with both fingers. Whack them on the stereo, and believe me, you will want to rock out and sing along at the same time. You might explode with joy! Wavves bring the good times faster than a plane full of naked girls with five engines.

For Fans Of:

Male Bonding, No Age, Old Blood

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Loud shouty fast music can get boring. It's really good to head bang to and go nuts to but in the end it ends up sounding like everyone is shouting in the end, end. But wait my fellow head banger! You don't need to start digging Fall Out Boy instead, you need to get PULLED APART BY HORSES in your life. Just take in the name for a second, you already know what you are letting yourself into with a name like that. Pulled Apart By Horses are making loud music really cool again. The riffs are killer, the drums sound like a punch up between Pop Eye and another Pop Eye and the vocals go from screaming to yearning to sounding like hes going to be sick everywhere. They are pure nuts. But the thing that makes Pulled Apart By Horses so even more awesome is the fact that you can sing along to there songs! They have some damn catchy choruses!! WOAH NOW i hear you say, damn right.

For Fans Of:

The Ghost Of A Thousand, Cancer Bats, Biffy Clyro

Sunday, 20 June 2010


This band is totally in my special league of the next great generation of rock n roll bands that i have in my mind. Not a great thing for Smith Westerns to achieve, but what they do achieve is their own definitive style of rock and roll peppered with pop hooks. Sure its obvious that they take inspiration from glam rock, but they dont just make glam rock music. They make music the Smith Westerns way. Which is way cool. They are also sticking it to the man with the lo-fi production of their songs, which works with the songs themselves. They arent just jumping on the lo-fi bandwagon. And if all these reasons just arent enough for you to go and get them in your life, then let me tell you this. They look cool as a pool full of skinny jeans. Smith Westerns got the look down, the sound down and the production down. Sound as a pound.

For Fans Of:

Harlem, Girls, Magic Kids

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Madvillain is one of the freshest hip hop collaborations around. Rapper MF DOOM teamed up with producer/beat master Madlib to create Madvillain. Their work is best represented on their LP "Madvillainy" on Stones Throw records. Madlib's supreme sampling skills of obscure jazz records and cartoon and tv shows provides an ever evolving back drop to MF DOOM's trade mark flow. MF DOOM has a deep booming voice that is able to string together words and verses seemingly without trying. His rhymes are surreal but they sound wise and knowing at the same time. He combines humour and fantasy to keep you wondering about what it is exactly that he is rapping about. His original style makes him very exciting in the rap game indeed. This hook up is essential for any fans of underground hip hop. Soon to be overground.

For Fans Of:

MF DOOM, Quasimoto, Madlib

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I think enthusiasm is key to a great band, unless their whole schtick is being miserable. That works too. But with Stage Coach, their songs work on the basis that they really kick it when they play. The enthusiasm shines bright with their live show too. And if you aren't yet convinced of their enthusiasm, then check out their songs, which in some cases, lyrically consist of "wooh!" and "yeah!". They have a lot of great guitar music styles all swimming around in their sound. You got grunge, a bit of emo (the good kind) and some acoustic strumming! And on top of all that, they have ukulele solos all over the place! Also, they feel like more of a team than a band. You don't have the lead singer/rest of the band set up here, oh no! They all sing and boy do they sing it like they mean it. It's mighty fine stuff.

For Fans Of:

Pulled Apart By Horses, Dananananakroyd, BlakFish

Thursday, 3 June 2010


You can tell that these guys really mean it when they sing about the importance of cheese and freckles. The lead singer has a lovely voice that will make you want to go "awww!" and the combo of a casio and a guitar is just a winner! They craft delicate pop songs with funny yet romantic lyrics, and on the EP i got from them, they even brought back the a cappela noise of "bom bom bom". They are genius. If you need more proof of their genius, just check out the look they are rocking, one of them even has a mighty moustache! If you like your pop music to be sweet like a sugary treat and straight from the heart then look NO further than Moustache Of Insanity. They are insane!

For Fans Of:

Winston Echo, Pens, Allo Darlin'