Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I think enthusiasm is key to a great band, unless their whole schtick is being miserable. That works too. But with Stage Coach, their songs work on the basis that they really kick it when they play. The enthusiasm shines bright with their live show too. And if you aren't yet convinced of their enthusiasm, then check out their songs, which in some cases, lyrically consist of "wooh!" and "yeah!". They have a lot of great guitar music styles all swimming around in their sound. You got grunge, a bit of emo (the good kind) and some acoustic strumming! And on top of all that, they have ukulele solos all over the place! Also, they feel like more of a team than a band. You don't have the lead singer/rest of the band set up here, oh no! They all sing and boy do they sing it like they mean it. It's mighty fine stuff.


For Fans Of:

Pulled Apart By Horses, Dananananakroyd, BlakFish

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