Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Loud shouty fast music can get boring. It's really good to head bang to and go nuts to but in the end it ends up sounding like everyone is shouting in the end, end. But wait my fellow head banger! You don't need to start digging Fall Out Boy instead, you need to get PULLED APART BY HORSES in your life. Just take in the name for a second, you already know what you are letting yourself into with a name like that. Pulled Apart By Horses are making loud music really cool again. The riffs are killer, the drums sound like a punch up between Pop Eye and another Pop Eye and the vocals go from screaming to yearning to sounding like hes going to be sick everywhere. They are pure nuts. But the thing that makes Pulled Apart By Horses so even more awesome is the fact that you can sing along to there songs! They have some damn catchy choruses!! WOAH NOW i hear you say, damn right.


For Fans Of:

The Ghost Of A Thousand, Cancer Bats, Biffy Clyro

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