Saturday, 26 June 2010


Who is Quasimoto? That's part of the appeal of their music. You can tell that the beats are provided by Madlib, his beats are too signature not to be recognised. But the high pitched, confident flow of the Lord Quas? Who knows... But enough about the mystery of the people behind the genius. Quasimoto is making hip hop interesting again, the voice in question sounds like it has a helium balloon for a voice box and the instrumentals are awesome collages of vocal samples, jazz records and generally strange stuff, as expected from Madlib. Quasimoto is almost literally spitting in the face of the often terrible mainstream hip hop scene. For the best Quasimoto experience you should check out his debut album "The Unseen". Quasimoto is the coolest cartoon alter-ego genius since the Gorrilaz captured our imaginations. The beats are big, the rhymes are effortless and Quasimoto's music as a whole is one tripping journey. But of course, he's Lord Quas to you and I.

For Fans Of:

Madlib, MF DOOM, Madvillain

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