Tuesday, 30 March 2010


This dude is some what a local legend to Northampton, he is also a man of many projects. But his best work is under the moniker Winston Echo. He writes catchy and witty pop songs that are frankly rather goody. His acoustic tales tell of alternative subjects to girls and love. So anyone who is bored to death of a bazillion different dudes with guitars and broken hearts popping up on their music scene will find dearest Winston a fitting antidote. He sings of his love for the Bureau de Change! His imaginative style of writing, distinctive style of singing and the fact that he is pretty great at drawing too, all combine to make Winston Echo something to check out. His other projects include the halloween themed rap group: Jack O' Lantern, the record label/shop/gig night: Undereducated and the recent: An Evening With Winston Echo held at the Fishmarket art gallery. What a great guy! He also covered the entire 'Nevermind' Album by Nirvana. I have so much respect for the guy. He has helped to bring so much culture to the people of N-Town. Now go forth my pretties, check out!! Check out!!!


For fans of:

The Storyteller, Jack O' Lantern, The Bobby McGees

Sunday, 28 March 2010


This bands is nuts, fruit and nuts! The fruit being the awesome music they bring to us, and the nuts being the insane live show and stage presence. They play absolutely mind-blowingly fast! Anyone who likes their guitar sped the funk up, and their vocals screamed like there is no tomorrow will give their hearts and their head banging heads to The Computers. They don't conform to standard guitar music and they don't say sorry for being loud and fast. But what they do do is ROCK LIKE A ROCK IN A HARD PLACE. Go look them up on your computer.


For fans of:

The Ghost Of A Thousand, Holy State, Outcry Collective

Friday, 26 March 2010


This may well be a bold statement, or maybe im just not very musically clued up OR it could just be the truth. but i havent heard anything like Why? before. Sure ive heard other bands use the same instruments as Why? but their sound, its so fresh. They combine beautiful melodies with surreal lyrics and a rapping style of singing. The really pleasing to the ears beats top of the musical equivalent of a hot chocolate fudge cherry cream sunday that is Why?'s music. They have a unique style of writing, and you can be snobby about it if you want and say yeah but it sounds like this and that BUT you cant deny the fact that they have superb music. Can you feel the passion i have for them? You'll feel it yourself soon enough! Why should you listen to Why?, because i said so thats why.


For fans of:

Beck, Everything Everything, Cherry Ghost

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


sometimes its like the soundtrack to some really psychedelic science fiction movie, sometimes its a pristine electronic ambient ting. but ill have you know that its always something really interesting. Nowa Huta make some truely NEW and EXCITING noises with electronics. they are essential for lovers of the experimental slant in electronic music. it'll make you want to go and pick up a keyboard and noodle away, Nowa Huta RULE! i dare you to go to Nowa Huta the place and listen to Nowa Huta the music at the same time! the world may never be the same...maybe...


For fans of:

Adventure, J.Carter, Joy Orbison

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


The human race's love for the guitar seems not to wilt. With good reason friends! Free Energy bring those good times had with a guitar full circle with their carefree but tuneful jangle. they rock out like everyday is a great one where you find a fiver in the drain and the pretty girls smile at you. if that kind of thing doesn't happen to you then fear not! you can experience the same feelings through just humming along to a Free Energy song. they will put a smile on your face, just great songs. i would definitely play this on the radio if i was a dj.


For fans of:

The Strokes, Jeff The Brotherhood, Kings Of Leon

Sunday, 14 March 2010


i shed a tear when Teen Sheikhs announced it was the end, i never got to see them live. They rocked hard when they were around though, their classic "i don't care, but i do have feelings" attitude combined with simple rock and roll guitars was just da bomb! Anthems like 'Germs' and 'Double Denim (No Brain)' ruled the roost. You can get their songs on tape, so i suggest you do because unless they resurrect the good times, you wont be seeing them play. They had such a great name as well, it feels good to say, you try. TEEN SHEIKHS, I WILL MISS YOU!


For fans of:

Mazes, Lovvers, Turbo Fruits

Thursday, 11 March 2010


It would be great to breeze through life in the way Friendo's music does. Effortless charm rings out from softly chanted vocals, calmly thudding drums and shimmering guitar work. All is not so calm however, their style shifts into more restless territory sometimes. Still keeping in the same minimalist rock area however. This two dude, one girl trio hail from Canada and you will feel like Friendo are your friend, before you've even met them. All you need is the warm embrace of songs like "Callers" and the upbeat "Young Fellows" from their myspace page. They are a great new band! Get with it!


For fans of:

Deer Hunter, Abe Vigoda, Rapid Youth

Monday, 8 March 2010


When i first started listening to Fair Ohs they made a right old racket. Their songs where pumped up garage punk that hardly lasted 30 seconds sometimes. Ive got their first tape EP to prove it! But you wouldnt believe me at all these days, they now play ultra catchy, dare i say it, pop punk (in the way that it doesnt conform but still sounds pleasing). The guitars sound really surfy with the addition of punchy drums and the vocals have really mellowed out to give way to some killer hooks and chilled out lyrics. So, it seems Fair Ohs have come along way, but i still love the old stuff just as much as the new and i know you do to. Its nice to have a variety within a band, it shows a good deal of talent. Its guitar pop, dear friends, as we all like it! "Fair enough" i hear you say!


For fans of:

Spectrals, Teen Sheikhs, The Beach Boys

Saturday, 6 March 2010




For fans of:

Fang Island, Biffy Clyro, Three Trapped Tigers


Teengirl Fantasy are a wet dream for anyone who enjoy insanely blissed out electronica combined with insane techno. They are nutz!! Its almost strange to think they make some of their music with electronic equipment, its in no way your average bleep scape or 8-bit jitter fest. It sounds like distorted waves crashing on a beach where the sand is made up of shredded 90s dance records. The kids are calling it Glo-Fi or something, but make your own mind up about it, check it out right now!


For fans of:

Fuck Buttons, Ecstatic Sunshine, Lucky Dragons

Thursday, 4 March 2010


This is one of my favourite bands in the whole wide woods of the world. I find their style quite refreshing. His voice is pretty original too, it stands out like a high pitched magical man! They make the kind of care free folky pop that can induce the urge to take clothes off and dance in the sunshine. They really have got something good going on! Fed up with gloom ridden music? Get some Woods down you! The doctors orders!


For fans of:

Real Estate, Ganglians, Christmas Island

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Protect Me are a couple of young ass dudes making rockin' no stoppin' simplistic post punk with plently of rhythmz from the drums to the bass that'll make you want to pogo. If i were dj, id play it on the radio. Enough said really.


For fans of:

Rapid Youth, Ima Gymnist, No Age

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Old Blood make that dirty kind of rock and roll that makes your cat want to run away. they got the punk sneer, they got the persistently punching drums and of course the distorted guitar that rocks out real hard! they dont need hi-fi, they are lo-fi din makers and its guaranteed to make you feel all rebellious just listening to them. This bunch hail from California so get what you can of them from their myspace. like a stain of old blood on clothes, they will leave a punk rock impression on your musical t-shirt.


For fans of:

Male Bonding, Party Fowl, Okie Dokie