Monday, 8 March 2010


When i first started listening to Fair Ohs they made a right old racket. Their songs where pumped up garage punk that hardly lasted 30 seconds sometimes. Ive got their first tape EP to prove it! But you wouldnt believe me at all these days, they now play ultra catchy, dare i say it, pop punk (in the way that it doesnt conform but still sounds pleasing). The guitars sound really surfy with the addition of punchy drums and the vocals have really mellowed out to give way to some killer hooks and chilled out lyrics. So, it seems Fair Ohs have come along way, but i still love the old stuff just as much as the new and i know you do to. Its nice to have a variety within a band, it shows a good deal of talent. Its guitar pop, dear friends, as we all like it! "Fair enough" i hear you say!

For fans of:

Spectrals, Teen Sheikhs, The Beach Boys

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