Tuesday, 30 March 2010


This dude is some what a local legend to Northampton, he is also a man of many projects. But his best work is under the moniker Winston Echo. He writes catchy and witty pop songs that are frankly rather goody. His acoustic tales tell of alternative subjects to girls and love. So anyone who is bored to death of a bazillion different dudes with guitars and broken hearts popping up on their music scene will find dearest Winston a fitting antidote. He sings of his love for the Bureau de Change! His imaginative style of writing, distinctive style of singing and the fact that he is pretty great at drawing too, all combine to make Winston Echo something to check out. His other projects include the halloween themed rap group: Jack O' Lantern, the record label/shop/gig night: Undereducated and the recent: An Evening With Winston Echo held at the Fishmarket art gallery. What a great guy! He also covered the entire 'Nevermind' Album by Nirvana. I have so much respect for the guy. He has helped to bring so much culture to the people of N-Town. Now go forth my pretties, check out!! Check out!!!


For fans of:

The Storyteller, Jack O' Lantern, The Bobby McGees

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  1. Gotta love old Winston!
    I wish you used Tumblr instead of blogger though! :P