Monday, 26 April 2010


"When i'm with you, i have fun" - better words could not be used to describe the vibe of Best Coast's music. She said it herself! Best Coast write those special kind of songs that are lovely and poppy but feel honest at the same time. You won't see them in the gossip magazines or being spammed on the radio. But what you will find with Best Coast, is that their songs are hum dingers and they may well be your new favourite band in no time at all. Their songs have a certain positivity and drive to them. Best Coast may well be the best of the coasts, but they are also one of the best new pop acts. And with a jingle here and an jangle there, they just bring on the summer faster than the sun itself.

For Fans Of:

Vivians Girls, Dum Dum Girls, Girls

Thursday, 22 April 2010


the feel good rock and roll band of the summer! Ladies and gents, get ready to rock out and roll down a hill in a lover's arms. Harlem are here. Bringing the good times aplenty with their hooks a plenty rock. Anthems like "Friendly Ghost" and "Gay Human Bones" will rock your world, your socks, and all your friends worlds and socks too. How many times have i said rock so far? Not enough times, just like you won't be able to get enough of Harlem! You are sure to be singing "Psychedelic Tits" as you walk to school. HARLEM. ROCK. HARD. ROCK.

For fans of:

Black Lips, Wavves, Strange Boys

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Certain bands make me run around with joy humming their songs like a little fanboy more than others. Dum Dum Girls is one of those bands! They are one of the greatest new girl groups around, so put down your Sugababes record and listen up! Dum Dum Girls have not only established themselves as an awesome band for their catchy as the common cold songs, they are recognised for their distinctive image. Dressed in black with cool hair and tights combined with their "i don't need to try hard to impress you" stage presence, they are a killer act. Armed with songs like "Jail La La" for instance, it won't be too long at all before you fall in love with them. Their songs are sweet without being teeth-rottingly twee and have a badassness about them that will appeal to all the boys and girls who are cool without being cruel.

For fans of:

Vivian Girls, Best Coast, Pens

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Fed up with the same old chords getting strummed to death? Chords are good yeah, but it's nice to have a refrain from the humble art. Enter 72% Morrissey. I was in a guitar shop once, distributing posters for a 72% Morrissey and Drool gig at the Labour Club and the guy in there asked if 72% were a Morrissey cover band, i had to tell him they weren't. He then asked if they were anything like the bloke, i had to again let him down and say no. But what they are, my friends, are wizards of the skewiffy time signatures and catchy yet brutally loud melody. They have no need to sing or write lyrics, the instrumental speaks for itself. With anthems like "Grandma's Revenge" and "Dumb Rat, Damp Cat" up their wizard sleeves, they are already making an impression. A supergroup of sorts, they will have your mouth humming and your head banging along to their 72% Morrissey, 100% awesome progressivepophardcore. A new genre? Ahh who cares, they rock hard and that's all you need to know.

For fans of:

You Slut!, Biffy Clyro, Battles

Thursday, 1 April 2010


The thing that first pricks up the ears when listening to A Grave With No Name is the sheer varying inventiveness of the songs. All of them are a lovely listen, but the changes from strummed guitars and weird noises to shoe gazing freak outs are just brilliant! This is best experienced on the album "Mountain Debris". So, my lovely people, if you like your music dreamy and creamy then look no further than A Grave With No Name. You may not be able to decipher what is being sung about but who cares when the vocal melodies and guitars are swooping around like swans of peace and love. My my, i do like a slice of A Grave With No Name pie!!!

For fans of:

Ganglians, Memory Tapes, High Places