Saturday, 3 April 2010


Fed up with the same old chords getting strummed to death? Chords are good yeah, but it's nice to have a refrain from the humble art. Enter 72% Morrissey. I was in a guitar shop once, distributing posters for a 72% Morrissey and Drool gig at the Labour Club and the guy in there asked if 72% were a Morrissey cover band, i had to tell him they weren't. He then asked if they were anything like the bloke, i had to again let him down and say no. But what they are, my friends, are wizards of the skewiffy time signatures and catchy yet brutally loud melody. They have no need to sing or write lyrics, the instrumental speaks for itself. With anthems like "Grandma's Revenge" and "Dumb Rat, Damp Cat" up their wizard sleeves, they are already making an impression. A supergroup of sorts, they will have your mouth humming and your head banging along to their 72% Morrissey, 100% awesome progressivepophardcore. A new genre? Ahh who cares, they rock hard and that's all you need to know.

For fans of:

You Slut!, Biffy Clyro, Battles

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