Thursday, 16 December 2010


Not enough music is nice and floaty in the air. So Memoryhouse are here to save the day. Their sound is just like being inside someone's brain as they try and recall a song they once heard a long time ago. Their songs are held together by the faintest strands of sweet sweet melody. So they are indeed disjointed but in the most gorgeous way. It's a boy/girl duo too, which is always the best thing ever when it comes to making music. Enter their musical equivalent of a house made of memories made of sound. It's soothing like a cat made entirely out of yogurt. I dare you not to fall in love with Memoryhouse.

For Fans Of:

Twin Sister, Summer Camp, Still Corners

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I sent my bro Jman these guys and he was all like "they have tunes under the lo-fi". I had to agree with the man, no matter how Mazes record their out put, you gotta put love in for them. Google Mazes on google images, you get pictures of mazes, google Mazes Band, YOU GET THE BAND! They are hot property right now. And why shouldn't they be? Their songs are solid gold. The best way to test a band's catchynessivity is to try and recall one of their songs in your mind. I did, and I could sing the whole first part of one of their songs. There are some really cool riffs knocking about, he's got a nice alt-pop voice going on and there is fuzz all over the shop. And beneath that fuzz in the shop, all the products come together to make some sweet hummable songs. Why aren't they on the radio? They should be. But they aren't over-produced enough. Don't get lost in a maze of bands on the Internet, just google Mazes Band and satisfaction will be yours to love and to hold.

For Fans Of:

Cloud Nothings, Not Cool, Weird Dreams

Thursday, 9 December 2010


This is a band that I get all excited about. Even though we aren't the same person, you should be excited too. They are the definition of beautiful. Each song of their myspace page is a stonking classic, bursting at the seems with uplifting atmospheres, guitars plucked by cherubs and the voice of an angel singing above the pound of echo ridden drums. It's like you have been hiking in the mountains for too long then you stumble upon a cave, what is inside the cave? STILL CORNERS! And they serenade you with gorgeous dreamy pop. It's the kind of music that gazes at the stars and sighs at how beautiful the world is. And boy is it fine G. Go sway in the breeze or something.

For Fans Of:

Twin Sister, Memoryhouse, Field Mice