Monday, 31 May 2010


J.Carter is making some exciting noises. His style of weaving electronic beats together is impressive to say the least. Ever the perfectionist, his style constantly progresses and evolves. He has created a beat monster that swallows ambience, dubstep, drum and bass, electonica, glo-fi, chillwave and other countless computer generated beats to spew out atmospheres. I say atmospheres because you can't just call J.Carter's pieces "songs". They become their own atmospheres of sound, they invite you along for the journey and make sure you are engrossed from start to finish. He samples, he crafts and he just has a natural rhythm running in his brain. There is depth to his music, this is hard to achieve with a computer but some how he manages it. Damn son.

For Fans Of:

Nowa Huta, Fra Noregur, Four Tet

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Nothing new? Or is it? The Drums are one of the freshest bands making pop music at this moment in time! They are gathering alot of attention for themselves, with good reason! Their songs are simple, thats the magic of it, they are so simple. But they retain all the right elements of brilliant pop songs without all the fluff and un-needed stuff. You can hear the drum beat loud and clear, you can hear the guitars, you can even hear the bass. And they throw in synths and weird samples here and there. It sounds super clear and direct. And the lyrics are lovely and sung with just the right amount of longing and love. And as a cherry on top of that, they look HOT! What more do you need from a pop band? Id say they have nailed it.

For Fans Of:

The Smiths, Cut Off Your Hands, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


This band have captured exactly what its like to have a friend through their music. Its fast, joyful, it doesn't last long or take itself too seriously and most of all; it rocks hard. Male Bonding play fast, but not thrash metal fast and they are fun loving but not to the point where they are a spoofy band. They have put the fun back into being in a band and slamming on your guitar and singing because it feels really good. They are a must for those of you who enjoy music because its fun and you can go nuts to it. Male Bonding make it ok to pogo on your bed and jump into the wall. They are also bringing D.I.Y aesthetics to a wider audience with their vinyl/tape record label and their passion for playing house parties. Get bonding.

For Fans Of:

No Age, Fair Ohs, Vivian Girls

Friday, 21 May 2010


In the words of Biffy Clyro: "We're Only Making Noises". Very true biff. With some bands, the pleasure is in the vocal delivery and the lyrics. Not the fancy musicianship and fret wanking. Air Waves are one of those bands, that you gotta love for their well crafted, yet simplistic words. The guitars, bass and drums add a nice backdrop to the soft, friendly vocals. Its neat stuff, with songs like "Knock Out" and "Shine On", they leave a warm buzz in the heart. Essential for fans of lo-fi minimalist pop, or just listen to it and dont worry about what genre it is. Air Waves are pretty much surfing a wave of their own.

For Fans Of:

The Luyas, Beach House, Beach Fossils

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


The dude behind Memory Tapes is clever. He makes progressive electronic music thats just like pop music because it all sounds so lovely and catchy. Each song changes at least three times and the beats just get fresher. Each piece by Memory Tapes keeps you hooked, they morph, progress and there are so many sounds going on combined with his ghostly croon, its off the hook! Absolutely off the hook. He blows all these people with computers out the water. BOOMSHACKALACKA!

For Fans Of:

Washed Out, J.Carter, Toro Y Moi

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Whatever book this band are from, Chapter 24 must be the best chapter in the entire book. They come straight at you with surf guitar played fast and crazy with a rhythm section that pounds along with break neck speed. Then you've got the singer who comes across as both punk and pop at the same time. Her voice is hard to label but i know it goes against singing norms and its crazy but catchy! Damn, i got love for Chapter 24. Seeing them live is a treat, the singer jumps up and down and you get to see their hands go mental up and down the frets. And they have a scale of cow bells. Cow Bells are da bomb!! Go read Chapter 24. Forget the rest of the book.

For Fans Of:
Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda, Ima Gymnist

Sunday, 16 May 2010


A clever witch made this band, she mixed up chanting girl/boy vocals, fast as fudge tempos, punk guitars and clattering drums to make. She called it "good music juice", she then poured it over a girl and a boy and they became READING RAINBOW! Pretty neat story huh? Not as neato as the music! Let me tell you boys and girls. Its brilliant! Power Pop Punk Perfection. PPPP!!! Check them out or forever hold your peace! Their live setup looks pretty nuts too, as you can see! Damn, shorty is fine!

For Fans Of:

Eternal Summers, Best Coast, Harlem

Friday, 14 May 2010


I have so much faith in this band to make it BIG STYLE TIME. They make pop that is full of hope, vocal samples, shimmery electronics and sweet sweet female lead vocals. Its quite simply, really nice music. There is nothing going against the system, no anger or hate, nothing of the trend or trying to subvert the trend...Cults simply make joyous and well crafted music. Its subtle at first listen, but the more you listen, the more you get into it. Its truly lovely stuff. Anyone in love? Anyone not in love? This band will give you a boost whatever emotional state you are in. Join the cult.

For Fans Of:

Twin Sister, Happy Family, Summer Camp

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Hailing from Northampton, The Lie Awakes, formerly Richard Peter Snapes And The Lie Awakes, KICK ASS! Not many people are great fans of Northampton, but I find that bands like this restore my faith. They have a knack for penning awesome pop songs with a rockNroll edge and a mysterious forlornness. Its not just guitars and moaning about love lyrics. The lyrics are imaginative and the songs vary from driving anthems to more subtle numbers. They are an awesome band that have a true talent. Can you tell how much I like them yet? Im sure you will all be massive fans of them after reading this and checking them the funk out. Their debut album is a stonking classic in my mind, every song has its own characteristics and there are ambient interludes that are genius! Go see them live or lie awake listening to the album. Either will benefit you homies.

For Fans Of:

My First Tooth, New Cassettes, Joel Harries

Monday, 10 May 2010


I know you've all heard a synth before, but Neon Indian is doing something new and AWESOME with synthesizers. All the effects sound old and totally unpolished, he is one of the awesome ones in this new "glo-fi" scene emerging. So i think you should get involved, he conjures up perfect alternative summer anthems. Its the kind of thing you should play at a cool BBQ partay in the sun. And best of all, girls and geezers, his music just makes you happy. Unless you get happy off miserable stuff...even'll all be dancing like neon indians in no time. Trust.

For Fans Of:

Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Memory Tapes

Sunday, 9 May 2010


With some bands, the songs just speak for themselves. I knew nothing about Internet Forever, I saw them live by chance and my mind was blown like Al Capone. I didnt need to even watch them play, i closed my eyes and the songs were just so damn fine. Bored of the pop on the radio? Bored of your local bands? Bored of your record collection? Lets just say music bores you at the moment! Get Internet Forever into your life!! There songs are simple, well written and inventive! Yeah, they all look cool and their recordings have a low fidelity, thats cool. BUT THE SONGS! THE SONGS ARE SO GOOD! They must be little pop geniuses, i hope the whole world discovers them, maybe even through the internet itself. Internet Forever FOREVER!

For Fans Of:

Pens, Times New Viking, Stairs to Korea

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Girls are awesome, that must be why there are a lot of bands with the same word in their names. But flippin' ell, Vivian Girls are one of the best. They play classic guitar pop, re-imagined by three super hot girls with a bit of attitude. The simplicity of the songs bears charm, but its the three part vocal harmonies that give their songs that really catchy element. The lo-fi of their recordings is COOL and doesn't reduce the quality of the songs and it sounds way better than over produced pop fluff. I used to think "they just don't make them like this anymore" every time i heard a Shangri-Las record but now i eat those words and wash them down with a cool glass of VIVIAN GIRLS!!! Let the guitars jangle, the drums pound, the bass boom along and the vocals, oh sweet momma, the vocals restore your faith in awesome, alternative, guitar pop! POP!

For Fans Of:

Dum Dum Girls, The Shangri Las, Best Coast