Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Hailing from Northampton, The Lie Awakes, formerly Richard Peter Snapes And The Lie Awakes, KICK ASS! Not many people are great fans of Northampton, but I find that bands like this restore my faith. They have a knack for penning awesome pop songs with a rockNroll edge and a mysterious forlornness. Its not just guitars and moaning about love lyrics. The lyrics are imaginative and the songs vary from driving anthems to more subtle numbers. They are an awesome band that have a true talent. Can you tell how much I like them yet? Im sure you will all be massive fans of them after reading this and checking them the funk out. Their debut album is a stonking classic in my mind, every song has its own characteristics and there are ambient interludes that are genius! Go see them live or lie awake listening to the album. Either will benefit you homies.

For Fans Of:

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