Thursday, 6 May 2010


Girls are awesome, that must be why there are a lot of bands with the same word in their names. But flippin' ell, Vivian Girls are one of the best. They play classic guitar pop, re-imagined by three super hot girls with a bit of attitude. The simplicity of the songs bears charm, but its the three part vocal harmonies that give their songs that really catchy element. The lo-fi of their recordings is COOL and doesn't reduce the quality of the songs and it sounds way better than over produced pop fluff. I used to think "they just don't make them like this anymore" every time i heard a Shangri-Las record but now i eat those words and wash them down with a cool glass of VIVIAN GIRLS!!! Let the guitars jangle, the drums pound, the bass boom along and the vocals, oh sweet momma, the vocals restore your faith in awesome, alternative, guitar pop! POP!

For Fans Of:

Dum Dum Girls, The Shangri Las, Best Coast

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