Monday, 31 May 2010


J.Carter is making some exciting noises. His style of weaving electronic beats together is impressive to say the least. Ever the perfectionist, his style constantly progresses and evolves. He has created a beat monster that swallows ambience, dubstep, drum and bass, electonica, glo-fi, chillwave and other countless computer generated beats to spew out atmospheres. I say atmospheres because you can't just call J.Carter's pieces "songs". They become their own atmospheres of sound, they invite you along for the journey and make sure you are engrossed from start to finish. He samples, he crafts and he just has a natural rhythm running in his brain. There is depth to his music, this is hard to achieve with a computer but some how he manages it. Damn son.

For Fans Of:

Nowa Huta, Fra Noregur, Four Tet

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