Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


The Sticks are a clattering, jangling, twitching, shaking and rattling force of musical exploration. They sound equal parts scary and dance-y. You could say they are no nonsense in their approach to cracking out their songs and jams, but they hardly make any sense at all. And are all the better for it! You get a feeling of them not giving a fig about anything when listening to their songs. Which in turn makes you not want to give a fig about anything and just flail about a bit. They make a quick and precise musical impression. You will love them.

For Fans Of:

Rapid Youth, Graffiti Island, Anguish Sandwich

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Straight from the word go on an Eagulls track, it's clear that more than just punky aggression is going to follow on from the opening chords. On tracks like "Fifteen" they find their own middle ground between angst and contemplation. They also change the pace sometimes, during the same track. Which will see them enjoyed by fans of Fucked Up and other more forward thinking guitar bands. Eagulls put their angst to better use than just sped up shout fests and have more fun with guitar arrangements and sometimes even harmonies. They blast out thunderous, stomach-winding thuds of sound, with a yobbish lead vocal filling your heart with fist pumping joy.

For Fans Of:

Fucked Up, Blood Visions, Crows

Friday, 15 July 2011


The beat making boys from Beat Connection sure know how to press the "epic" button on their synths. They also know their way around a good connection of beats too. Their soundcloud is chockablock full of instrumentals that induce head nodding and anthems like "In The Water" and "Silver Screen" that make you want to scream out that Beat Connection are your life. They are a bubbly, out-going, friendly band. If that doesn't make your ears want to go out on a date with them, then what is the point of life anymore? Also, it's summer! know.

For Fans Of:

Friendly Fires, Blood Diamonds, Washed Out

Thursday, 7 July 2011


These guys are rocking their guitars with riffage that time forgot how to enjoy. Fed up with noodling and abstract distortion shredding? Even if you aren't, Ssssnakes are here to stick it, whatever it may be, to the man. Right in his mug. So let's all kick it. To put it directly and to the point, these dudes are direct and to the point. If they want to go skate boarding for instance, they will tell you about it through the medium of song. Where they came from? Who knows? Probably the land of ROCK.

For Fans Of:

Wavves, Blink 182, Cerebral Ballzy

Monday, 4 July 2011


You can now pick up copies for free from the following establishments of excellence...

The Wardrobe
5 The Ridings Arcade

The Nook Cafe
The Fishmarket
Bradshaw Street

Sunday, 3 July 2011


At Champ, we love anthems, and New Years Evil have one of the most optimistic fist pumpers ever conceived. This comes in the form of "Sonic Summer '91". They have more than that cookie of a track up their sleeves however, make no mistake! Their tracks veer recklessly from thunderous instrumental guitar work-outs to vocal lead corkers. What all their tracks have in common is their urgency, their unrelenting pace and their need for speed. Happy new years...evil!

For Fans Of:

72% Morrissey, You Slut!, Blood Visions

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Your Twenties couldn't be any more frustratingly good. They have played some shows, got some tunes up on the Internet, got some merch, got some blog love and magazine love. But! It feels like they should be ruling the festival slots, airwaves and the world by now. Just scan your hungry peepers over their facebook page and drink in all the fan's comments, pleading and begging for an album or a live performance. They have been in people's consciousnesses since about 2007 because of their knack for whacking out infectious songs with the potential for mass appeal. Their sound is very direct, positive and has a clear direction. They want to walk straight into your hearts and set up camp there. Songs like "Billionaires" and "Caught Wheel" are easy to fall in love with, the ooohs, the clean production and the general polished pop vibes are peng/swag/fit/leng/sick/juicy.

For Fans Of:

Fleetwood Mac, Metronomy, The Smiles

Friday, 1 July 2011


Bands that marry over-driven guitars with a constant up beat pace will NEVER GET OLD. The band James Leroy are the latest reminder that ear worming hooks coming from guitars as well as vocals is a good idea when it comes to music. Their sole mission seems to be creating a back catalogue of music that sounds like a radio DJ's entire play list. They vary between radio-ready hip shakers and crunchier, sometimes dancey-er numbers. But they still stay within their taught bubble of guitar sound.  The lyrics also veer from just having fun to more philosophical musings. They also have their own pocket size anthem "Wasting Our Time" which is so great. Their internet presence is minimalist to say the least, but it lets the music do the talking and walking. Who knows what time they existed in, if they are still going or even who they even are? Shivers of excitement!

For Fans Of:

The Strokes, NEEDLES//PINS, Your Twenties