Saturday, 2 July 2011


Your Twenties couldn't be any more frustratingly good. They have played some shows, got some tunes up on the Internet, got some merch, got some blog love and magazine love. But! It feels like they should be ruling the festival slots, airwaves and the world by now. Just scan your hungry peepers over their facebook page and drink in all the fan's comments, pleading and begging for an album or a live performance. They have been in people's consciousnesses since about 2007 because of their knack for whacking out infectious songs with the potential for mass appeal. Their sound is very direct, positive and has a clear direction. They want to walk straight into your hearts and set up camp there. Songs like "Billionaires" and "Caught Wheel" are easy to fall in love with, the ooohs, the clean production and the general polished pop vibes are peng/swag/fit/leng/sick/juicy.

For Fans Of:

Fleetwood Mac, Metronomy, The Smiles

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