Friday, 1 July 2011


Bands that marry over-driven guitars with a constant up beat pace will NEVER GET OLD. The band James Leroy are the latest reminder that ear worming hooks coming from guitars as well as vocals is a good idea when it comes to music. Their sole mission seems to be creating a back catalogue of music that sounds like a radio DJ's entire play list. They vary between radio-ready hip shakers and crunchier, sometimes dancey-er numbers. But they still stay within their taught bubble of guitar sound.  The lyrics also veer from just having fun to more philosophical musings. They also have their own pocket size anthem "Wasting Our Time" which is so great. Their internet presence is minimalist to say the least, but it lets the music do the talking and walking. Who knows what time they existed in, if they are still going or even who they even are? Shivers of excitement!

For Fans Of:

The Strokes, NEEDLES//PINS, Your Twenties

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