Thursday, 30 June 2011


A funny Hatcham Social anecdote here: Champ saw one of them DJ at The Old Blue Last but didn't realise it was them until our mate Joss told us it was. Ok, not that funny. But who needs funny when Hatcham Social provide dramatic yearning with promise and conviction? 'How do they provide such promised prizes?' you cry! The answer is, with swelling guitar lines bashed out alongside the occasional synth chirp, all underpinned by some solid bass. The vocals are just the right side of dead-pan, with leaks of emotion and fun that make the choruses of songs such as "Crocodile" just that extra bit hummable. Some may quiver at the mention of synths alongside guitars, but like fellow Londoners The Horrors, Hatcham Social make it all work. Fans of a very British musical melodrama will fall in love with Hatcham Social, if you haven't already swooned. Hatcham Social have been doing their thang for a while now, another thing we learnt from Joss. Nice one Joss, nice one Hatcham Social. Next time any of you DJ, Champ will be smiling at you in adoration.

For Fans Of:

The Horrors, Wild Beasts, Weird Dreams

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