Monday, 27 June 2011


There are a few bands on myspace called The Smiles, but avoid them and head straight to the link below this gushing paragraph. The Smiles use of light and sprite-ly guitars will make you smile, the dual vocalists will make you smile and the drums that thud like running feet on sand will make you smile. The Smiles will make you smile with their nuggets of perfected popular song, they will make you smile until your face aches. They have a lot of character, which gives their songs a face that you can really love. Their song "California Girls" for instance, is much nicer than the innuendo-fest of  Katie Perry's song of the same title. Like The Beach Boys before them, their simple yet precise and to the point choice of name, lyrical subject matter and overall sound works like a dog riding a skateboard. It just has so much appeal potential. Seriously, it'll put a smile on your face.

For Fans Of:

French Kissing, Vampire Weekend, Harlem

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