Saturday, 25 June 2011


It is a shame that music has lost a little of it's originality. But why not enjoy the fruits of new musical labour that are still growing ripe, even if they do taste like you've tasted them before. Of course, enthusiasm helps, and NEEDLES//PINS have overflowing buckets of that! Don't you worry! What they also have are skatter-brained, strum-tastic, rip-roaring, life-snorting songs. Their sound is effortlessly infectious, so no need for quirky marketing, keyboards or a beanie hat with these guys. Funny name, but soon the only words you'll be able to think about are the words to anthems like "Drop It" and "Kalifornia Korner". Penned guessed it, NEEDLES//PINS.

For Fans Of:

French Kissing, Sex Beet, Lovvers

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