Thursday, 16 December 2010


Not enough music is nice and floaty in the air. So Memoryhouse are here to save the day. Their sound is just like being inside someone's brain as they try and recall a song they once heard a long time ago. Their songs are held together by the faintest strands of sweet sweet melody. So they are indeed disjointed but in the most gorgeous way. It's a boy/girl duo too, which is always the best thing ever when it comes to making music. Enter their musical equivalent of a house made of memories made of sound. It's soothing like a cat made entirely out of yogurt. I dare you not to fall in love with Memoryhouse.

For Fans Of:

Twin Sister, Summer Camp, Still Corners

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I sent my bro Jman these guys and he was all like "they have tunes under the lo-fi". I had to agree with the man, no matter how Mazes record their out put, you gotta put love in for them. Google Mazes on google images, you get pictures of mazes, google Mazes Band, YOU GET THE BAND! They are hot property right now. And why shouldn't they be? Their songs are solid gold. The best way to test a band's catchynessivity is to try and recall one of their songs in your mind. I did, and I could sing the whole first part of one of their songs. There are some really cool riffs knocking about, he's got a nice alt-pop voice going on and there is fuzz all over the shop. And beneath that fuzz in the shop, all the products come together to make some sweet hummable songs. Why aren't they on the radio? They should be. But they aren't over-produced enough. Don't get lost in a maze of bands on the Internet, just google Mazes Band and satisfaction will be yours to love and to hold.

For Fans Of:

Cloud Nothings, Not Cool, Weird Dreams

Thursday, 9 December 2010


This is a band that I get all excited about. Even though we aren't the same person, you should be excited too. They are the definition of beautiful. Each song of their myspace page is a stonking classic, bursting at the seems with uplifting atmospheres, guitars plucked by cherubs and the voice of an angel singing above the pound of echo ridden drums. It's like you have been hiking in the mountains for too long then you stumble upon a cave, what is inside the cave? STILL CORNERS! And they serenade you with gorgeous dreamy pop. It's the kind of music that gazes at the stars and sighs at how beautiful the world is. And boy is it fine G. Go sway in the breeze or something.

For Fans Of:

Twin Sister, Memoryhouse, Field Mice

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


This man is making some liquid dynamite music. It flows like a really cool drink of soda down your throat, except it's going in through your ears! Soda in you ears! The equivalent! But the soda has gone flat so all the nasty fizz and fuzz is gone and the sweet sweet clear taste can be enjoyed. Result! Most people would say that soda isn't good when it's flat but THIS SODA is the best brother! Lo-fi electronics using equipment from medievil times is all well and good mr.lo-fi man, but we want something clean and F R E S H to death. We need a bath. We need Baths. The man is like super cool with his side burns, he ain't no pose in the sun teenager, he pose with a dog, dawg! And if you ever set your peepers on him when he's live, his hands are amazing, they twist and press to conjure his glitch beats, he'll be bringing in the big dollah. So hollah his way, with your ears. He got some tunes under his belt like "Aminals" and "Apologetic Shoulder Blades" that are shveet to the extreme, I would follow him to the endz of the earth. He is the future! Baths, bathe me with your liguidy fresh electonic beatscapes. Take a bath!

For Fans Of:

Mount Kimbie, Toro Y Moi, J.Carter

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


From the ashes of the much loved Cajun Dance Party, who you should also check out if you want floaty yet yearning guitar based musings, comes the joy to behold that is Yuck! Sometimes, when a good band breaks up, you get pants stuff that isn't as good coming from the key members, such a shame. But with CDP, it's two members decided to take what they were doing to the next flippin level all together! As Yuck, its four members make simple songs based around melody and great guitar sounds. They spice up the winning formula of drums, guitar, vocals and bass with surreal lyrics and their ability to write a solid gold guitar pop song one minute, and a grungey epic the next. All they got is basic instruments and voices, but what they do with simplicity is simply devine. And if you thought that was off the hook varied, it aint the last of it! Yu(c)k, the Yuck side project is the band making stripped back to the bone songs that are heart felt, slow and full of cool ass lyrics that you might totally relate to or completely not understand (in a good way). Visit their blog for free songs and cool drawings, see them live for a great show, listen to their songs to bless your musical mind. What more do you want? Nothing? GOOD! The chaps behind it all have supremely creative chops, thats for sure. Love it with a bit of chips.

For Fans Of:

Sonic Youth, Fanzine, Cajun Dance Party

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Sometimes, you can get a good feel for who a person is from their voice. Case in point, fresh on the scene rapper: Giggs. The confidence, imagination and general swag radiates from Giggs deep vocal tones. He doesn't need to spit out his rhymes quick smart, he knows they are so good that he has time to savour each word as he lays them down over a track. His verses are full of imagination and effortless cool. Tired of violent MCs squeeking inaudible bars over sped up violins? Maybe not, it is pretty cool, but even so, Giggs has got a lot more to offer. And as well as providing the solid gold verses such as "I'm a breast man but I rate arses", he brings most of the choruses to his tracks too. Mmmmm, tastes urban! ME LIKE! ME LIKE!

For Fans Of:

MF DOOM, Wiley, Lil Wayne

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Wotwolff are freaking awesome. Lets get that clear from the off. Guitarist + Drummer + Shouting = an exhilerating noise fest. The riffs buzz and squeel while the drums take a righteous beating. They create a frenzied sound of their very own. And they don't care what you think, nope, but you should care about them, yup. Thats the way this is going to work. And anyway, whats not to like? You can go mental and forget your troubles to Wotwolff, the live show rulez. And their frenetic live show doesn't compromise their songs over performance. They combine going nuts and playing nuts resulting in the crowd going nuts. And if you don't lose your marbles to Wotwolff then you didn't have any marbles in the first place. They are making the Northampton music scene interesting and totally non bogus again.!/pages/Wotwolff/124085397649558

For Fans Of:

Pets, 72% Morrissey, Drool

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Tired to the back teeth of dirty beats? You really want to clear your mind of hazey lo-fi beatscapes, piling up in your ears? Cool. Get some Chad Valley in your ears, like Mr.Muscle cleaning out a toilet, Chad Valley will rinse out your ears with his sparkly, complicated, dancey and prancey electronica. And boy oh boy can the boy croon. Straight out of Oxford, straight out of the Blessing Force collective, straight out of the buzz surrounding him, Chad Valley is hear for us all! His great tunes sound polished, fresh and buzzing with life! It's easy to write him off as a summer party jam maker, but I think the Chad Valley noises can be enjoyed all year round, maybe even Christmas. Music can often be seasonal, but Chad Valley rulez so much that he can be enjoyed forever! Foals like him, so you should like him.

For Fans Of:
Pet Moon, Small Black, Baths

Monday, 1 November 2010


It may not be perfect weather for a picnic anymore, but if you like recreating picnics in your bedroom with your friends, then you need a soundtrack, right? RIGHT ON! Well get yourself some Seapony tracks for free off the amazing internet. They are well worth it. The vocal delivery is soft and romantic, the songs roll along at a peaceful pace, it's all quite lovely. So unless your picnics are mini heavy metal festivals, the gentle hum of Seapony's guitar/drums/vocals/simples songs will set the mood for some chillwave feelings all around. Music should make you feel something, the music coming atcha from Seapony will make you feel good, girlfriend!!!!

For Fans Of:

Beach House, Best Coast, Teen Daze

Monday, 11 October 2010


There are a lot of beat masters knocking about, but which beat master can you really trust? Probably all of them, beat masters are nice people. But Toro Y Moi is one of those musicians that has mastered a beat of his own. His style is deep within the confines of electronic music, but he is doing all kinds of crazy things with electronic beats. But enough about the beats. The feel of his music is of a chilled out vibe, and so he has been roped under the chillwave genre. But he has already promised a guitar album coming up in the pipeline. Toro Y Moi provides almost constant interesting new ideas, he has already progressed with his live show, switching from the laptop to the full in your face band. So live, his wonky dance tunes can really come to life. Anyone who digs dance music that is almost as far from convention as possible should plug into Toro Y Moi. And if you like your dance music more straight forward, he even provides that through his repetition heavy side project Les Sins. Damn!!! Dance to a different kind of beat (master).

For Fans Of:

Les Sins, Washed Out, Baths

Thursday, 7 October 2010


Sometimes bands can get too wrapped up in their image or their arty farty style. They forget what makes music so great in the first place, which is a great uplifting song. The Vaccines haven't forgotten what makes songs good, they know exactly what does the trickity lick. Big chorus sung with heart and feeling? Check. Guitars. Check. The divine structure of a simple song. Check. They make awesome songs. If you don't believe moi, check these bad boys out fo size yo fo: "Blow It Up", "If You Wanna" and "Wreckin Bar". Pidgeon hole them into whatever hole you see fit, but you can't deny the coolness of their songs. Super fly AND super fine. FIST PUMP TO THE SKY!

For Fans Of:

Surfer Blood, The Drums, Best Coast

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


This guy is for all the romantics out there, because like you, he loves the idea of falling in love. He loves it so much that he has infused it into his sound, from the lyrics to the crooning way he sings. His songs are built around samples of doowop backing vocals, steady beats and sleepy drums. Idiot Glee is the perfect soundtrack to a stroll in the sun, or just sitting in your room getting over a previous relationship. Idiot Glee is sure to become essential, he is doing something refreshing and just plain lovely with pop music. Let his voice guide you all the way to happiness. You don't have to be an idiot to appreciate Idiot Glee.

For Fans Of:

Spectrals, Ducktails, The Drums

Friday, 17 September 2010


Colleen Green takes old 60s girl group love songs and drops them in a sea of distortion and lo-fi. She's a one woman band, just her voice, her guitar and her drum machine. And the results are brilliant. This juxtaposition of sweet harmonies and tales of lost love combined with garage guitars is, in internet slang terms, a win not a fail. The fuzz adds a certain d.i.y charm to her undeniably poppy songs but despite the lo of the fi, you can still hear her sweet vocal delivery. Every song has a hook, a kick ass drum beat and lashing of loud guitar. There is no pointless experimental pieces or album interludes with Colleen Green. Simple, yet very effective!

For Fans Of:

Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Sometimes, all that is needed in life is a chirpy guitar chord being strum as part of a jangly, upbeat guitar pop song. Not much to ask, but bands try and fail to bring genius in simplicity. Nodzzz more than deliver though, they play catchy yet crazy songs that make you want to nod your head and tap your toe. They have a sense of humour too, which helps, hence the name Nodzzz. You'll be humming the guitar, yelping the lyrics back at the records and in no time at all, falling head over heals for Nodzzz. Guitar pop has a new life! And it's full of attitude!!!

For Fans Of:

The Soft Pack, Wavves, Sex Beet

Monday, 13 September 2010


These two sweet looking californian girls may look sweet, but the music they make is full of angsty vocals and grungey chords being slammed from a guitar. They don't feel the need to make music to fit a stereotype of girls singing sweetly. They properly rock out! It's refreshing to hear a female grunge band that isn't, shudder, Hole. So get listening to Lazy Mary as soon as you can, so when they make it big time, you can say you heard them before the hype!

For Fans Of:

Nirvana, Colleen Green, Divorce

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Remember when punk was known for being nasty, fast and loud? Flats make music that fits the bill exactly. They make music how they want to make it, and the results are invigorating. Flats are an antidote to frustration, you can lose yourself to their blasts of snarly vocals, fast guitars and thundering drums. They have the attitude, the sound and the energy to be the perfect punk band, they may well be. Enough said.

For Fans Of:

Cerebral Ballzy, Trash Talk, Discharge

Monday, 30 August 2010


In all seriousness, Wild Nothing make the perfect music to sunbathe to. Try it for yourself some time, every time I have been catching the rays, I been catching the tunes from Wild Nothing. They are an absolutely genius new pop group from Virginia in the United States. The songs they make however, sound timeless, not tied down to a place or a specific sound. They sound very much like a band that doesn't follow a trend. They make their own blissed out pop for anyone to listen to and fall in love with. You don't have to wear certain clothes or come from a specific scene to appreciate Wild Nothing. Timeless and truely wonderous.

For Fans Of:

Beach Fossils, Cults, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Thursday, 19 August 2010


We all have fantasies about just letting go of this life that society needs us to live. To just not give a flying flip about anything and do whatever we want. If you don't feel ready to do that yet, then escape temporarily through the music of Cerebral Ballzy. It's absolutely exhilerating. It's some of the fastest and free willed music you'll hear all year. They have the attitude, they have the tunes. They don't need you, but it's most likely that you need them.

For Fans Of:

Trash Talk, Audacity, Pets

Sunday, 15 August 2010


The music that Washed Out brings to the world is free. Free from pretentiousness, hate and all other not nice stuff in the world. But what it is full of is positivity, love and you can almost feel the sun radiating from the fuzzy beats. A load of other music is described as the sound of summer, or the kind of music you listen to on lazy summer days spent chilling out, fair enough. But Washed Out IS that sound, there literally is no other way to describe it. Imagine you're in a dark club and they drop a Washed Out track, it will sound awesome through a tastey soundsystem, yet at the same time it will want to make you kick the doors down and bring the soundsystem pumping Washed Out into the sunshine. It's essential for everyone relishing the sunshine and the summer, for everyone who likes having a great time with their friends. Just set it all to music, set it to Washed Out.

For Fans Of:

Toro Y Moi, Cults, Neon Indian

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Granted, the name is as metal as an axe guitar printed with flames. But be fooled not! This band is a kick ass punk band with a brain that is conscious of feeling, thought and philosophy. So whilst watching them, you can choose to loose your marbles and go nuts OR stand and appreciate the musicianship of the tunes and the depth of the lyrics. How cool is that? They got a pretty sweet loud/quiet style going on too, so one minute you'll be all like "awww", the next you'll be "arrghghgh" (in a good way). They are young tims, but they know how to rock your world. Feel the angst! Feel the feelings! Feel the Blood Visions!

For Fans Of:

Dananananaykroyd, Fucked Up, Cap'n Jazz

Monday, 9 August 2010


Plodding along at a strange musical pace, Gummy Stumps come at you with a rambling front man, carefully plucked guitars and steady drums. It's all quite strange really but quite brilliant at the same time. Just the way people with imagination like it! They rebel against most musical stylings without trying too hard, there is no need too. Gummy Stumps are surreal, and yet very real. You can easily check them out and nod your head along to their obscure brilliance. Essential for all you oddballs out there, Gummy Stumps are a band you can confide in!

For Fans Of:

The Mobbs, The Fall, Golden Grrrls

Friday, 30 July 2010


Beach Fossils play the kind of guitar music that makes you fall in love with notes and lead guitar lines again. Instead of hammering out the tired and sometimes overused chord progressions, they gently pluck out shimmering notes and overlaping guitar lines. Their music reminds you that playing the guitar is a true art form with their simple yet effective music. The drums keep everything moving steadily forward and the vocals bring a dreamy haze to the laid back guitars. This is the kind of music to shuffle to, to dream to, to think to. Beach Fossils, thank you!

For Fans Of:

Blank Dogs, The Drums, Sonic Youth

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Graffiti Island are bringing a refreshing new style to the new scene of lo-fi punk bands. Through their style however, they set themselves apart from any scene by doing something different. The lyrics conjure up images straight out of your favourite horror film and combined with the vocal delivery, it's enough to make you shiver! The rhythm section will also make your legs quiver, but in the dancing way. Their songs are direct, catchy and strange. Get lost on Graffiti Island.

For Fans Of:

Reading Rainbow, Teen Sheikhs, Pens

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Sometimes you just can't beat a good song, free from strange experimental vibes, free from punk angst. Fergus & Geronimo make those kind of simple, catchy pop songs that can't do anything except appeal! The only thing I can think of that is slightly out of place with them is that their recordings are lo-fi, but thats cool at the moment. They have the jangle of the guitars, the pitter patter of the drums, the hum of keyboards and the love struck vocals. These guys are essential for people who just love a good song to hum, it's good to have simple, feel good songs in the world. Thank you Fergus & Geronimo for bringing them by the truck load.

For Fans Of:

Magic Kids, The Drums, Best Coast

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Nothing quite like a bunch of yearning youngsters expressing themselves through their music. GROUPLOVE are one of those bands where the results of such expressions are 100% awesome. They combine the loud with the quiet, the uplifting with the sad and the results are truely epic. And what a fitting name! You can feel the love that the five members have for eachother and pretty much everything around them. You want to escape? Jump into some huge headphones and crank up the volume on their songs such as "Colours" and "Naked Kids". Whats that you say? You love voices singing as one in harmony? You love anthems? I think what you mean to say is that you love GROUPLOVE.

For Fans Of:

Arcade Fire, Avi Buffalo, Girls

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


He can't sing. They play too fast. But wait, ITS GOOD! Sauna Youth make that glorious in your face music that makes you want to jump up and down on the spot, and maybe bump into other people. They have something to say and they are saying it in a very loud and fast fashion. They rock hard and are doing it for the hell of it from the sounds of things. Can't say fairer than that.

For Fans Of:

Double Dagger, Blood Visions, Lovvers

Friday, 16 July 2010


Three dudes making some down right dirty guitar pop taking inspiration from all the best sub genres? Surf, punk, indie and more? WOW! Sounds like i'd really want to listen to them and rock the funk out. You guessed right Timmy, or whatever your name is! Fungi Girls DO IT and they DO IT good. What is it they do, you ask? They combine shredding fuzz with juicy guitar licks and sing like they don't care that much. It all gets mixed together to create some lovely, if gloomy at times, guitar pop! You can shuffle to it, you can lose your mind to it, you can gaze at your shoes to it. Its just pretty darn cool. Essential for lovers of the guitar, and of the pop! Instead of just completely ripping off their idols, they take the inspiration and turn it into something of their own. Fungi Girls, WE SALUTE YOU!

For Fans Of:

Abe Vigoda, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Wavves

Saturday, 26 June 2010


Who is Quasimoto? That's part of the appeal of their music. You can tell that the beats are provided by Madlib, his beats are too signature not to be recognised. But the high pitched, confident flow of the Lord Quas? Who knows... But enough about the mystery of the people behind the genius. Quasimoto is making hip hop interesting again, the voice in question sounds like it has a helium balloon for a voice box and the instrumentals are awesome collages of vocal samples, jazz records and generally strange stuff, as expected from Madlib. Quasimoto is almost literally spitting in the face of the often terrible mainstream hip hop scene. For the best Quasimoto experience you should check out his debut album "The Unseen". Quasimoto is the coolest cartoon alter-ego genius since the Gorrilaz captured our imaginations. The beats are big, the rhymes are effortless and Quasimoto's music as a whole is one tripping journey. But of course, he's Lord Quas to you and I.

For Fans Of:

Madlib, MF DOOM, Madvillain

Thursday, 24 June 2010


With any band, the attitude is very important. The attitude can often be more inspiring that the music, take punk for instance. Wavves have a fresh attitude towards making distorted guitar pop songs which makes them a cut above the rest of the current scene of lo-fi punk. Nothing new, they juxtapose fuzzed up guitar with vocals that are a combination of punk slur and pop as pop can be melodies and hooks. But the fact that they do it so well is undeniable!!! And who cares about whats new and pushing the boundaries these days? Its too hard to do. And its clear Wavves dont care either. They are doing their own thing, and that is an attitude to admire. They are sticking it to the man with both fingers. Whack them on the stereo, and believe me, you will want to rock out and sing along at the same time. You might explode with joy! Wavves bring the good times faster than a plane full of naked girls with five engines.

For Fans Of:

Male Bonding, No Age, Old Blood

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Loud shouty fast music can get boring. It's really good to head bang to and go nuts to but in the end it ends up sounding like everyone is shouting in the end, end. But wait my fellow head banger! You don't need to start digging Fall Out Boy instead, you need to get PULLED APART BY HORSES in your life. Just take in the name for a second, you already know what you are letting yourself into with a name like that. Pulled Apart By Horses are making loud music really cool again. The riffs are killer, the drums sound like a punch up between Pop Eye and another Pop Eye and the vocals go from screaming to yearning to sounding like hes going to be sick everywhere. They are pure nuts. But the thing that makes Pulled Apart By Horses so even more awesome is the fact that you can sing along to there songs! They have some damn catchy choruses!! WOAH NOW i hear you say, damn right.

For Fans Of:

The Ghost Of A Thousand, Cancer Bats, Biffy Clyro

Sunday, 20 June 2010


This band is totally in my special league of the next great generation of rock n roll bands that i have in my mind. Not a great thing for Smith Westerns to achieve, but what they do achieve is their own definitive style of rock and roll peppered with pop hooks. Sure its obvious that they take inspiration from glam rock, but they dont just make glam rock music. They make music the Smith Westerns way. Which is way cool. They are also sticking it to the man with the lo-fi production of their songs, which works with the songs themselves. They arent just jumping on the lo-fi bandwagon. And if all these reasons just arent enough for you to go and get them in your life, then let me tell you this. They look cool as a pool full of skinny jeans. Smith Westerns got the look down, the sound down and the production down. Sound as a pound.

For Fans Of:

Harlem, Girls, Magic Kids

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Madvillain is one of the freshest hip hop collaborations around. Rapper MF DOOM teamed up with producer/beat master Madlib to create Madvillain. Their work is best represented on their LP "Madvillainy" on Stones Throw records. Madlib's supreme sampling skills of obscure jazz records and cartoon and tv shows provides an ever evolving back drop to MF DOOM's trade mark flow. MF DOOM has a deep booming voice that is able to string together words and verses seemingly without trying. His rhymes are surreal but they sound wise and knowing at the same time. He combines humour and fantasy to keep you wondering about what it is exactly that he is rapping about. His original style makes him very exciting in the rap game indeed. This hook up is essential for any fans of underground hip hop. Soon to be overground.

For Fans Of:

MF DOOM, Quasimoto, Madlib

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I think enthusiasm is key to a great band, unless their whole schtick is being miserable. That works too. But with Stage Coach, their songs work on the basis that they really kick it when they play. The enthusiasm shines bright with their live show too. And if you aren't yet convinced of their enthusiasm, then check out their songs, which in some cases, lyrically consist of "wooh!" and "yeah!". They have a lot of great guitar music styles all swimming around in their sound. You got grunge, a bit of emo (the good kind) and some acoustic strumming! And on top of all that, they have ukulele solos all over the place! Also, they feel like more of a team than a band. You don't have the lead singer/rest of the band set up here, oh no! They all sing and boy do they sing it like they mean it. It's mighty fine stuff.

For Fans Of:

Pulled Apart By Horses, Dananananakroyd, BlakFish

Thursday, 3 June 2010


You can tell that these guys really mean it when they sing about the importance of cheese and freckles. The lead singer has a lovely voice that will make you want to go "awww!" and the combo of a casio and a guitar is just a winner! They craft delicate pop songs with funny yet romantic lyrics, and on the EP i got from them, they even brought back the a cappela noise of "bom bom bom". They are genius. If you need more proof of their genius, just check out the look they are rocking, one of them even has a mighty moustache! If you like your pop music to be sweet like a sugary treat and straight from the heart then look NO further than Moustache Of Insanity. They are insane!

For Fans Of:

Winston Echo, Pens, Allo Darlin'

Monday, 31 May 2010


J.Carter is making some exciting noises. His style of weaving electronic beats together is impressive to say the least. Ever the perfectionist, his style constantly progresses and evolves. He has created a beat monster that swallows ambience, dubstep, drum and bass, electonica, glo-fi, chillwave and other countless computer generated beats to spew out atmospheres. I say atmospheres because you can't just call J.Carter's pieces "songs". They become their own atmospheres of sound, they invite you along for the journey and make sure you are engrossed from start to finish. He samples, he crafts and he just has a natural rhythm running in his brain. There is depth to his music, this is hard to achieve with a computer but some how he manages it. Damn son.

For Fans Of:

Nowa Huta, Fra Noregur, Four Tet

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Nothing new? Or is it? The Drums are one of the freshest bands making pop music at this moment in time! They are gathering alot of attention for themselves, with good reason! Their songs are simple, thats the magic of it, they are so simple. But they retain all the right elements of brilliant pop songs without all the fluff and un-needed stuff. You can hear the drum beat loud and clear, you can hear the guitars, you can even hear the bass. And they throw in synths and weird samples here and there. It sounds super clear and direct. And the lyrics are lovely and sung with just the right amount of longing and love. And as a cherry on top of that, they look HOT! What more do you need from a pop band? Id say they have nailed it.

For Fans Of:

The Smiths, Cut Off Your Hands, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


This band have captured exactly what its like to have a friend through their music. Its fast, joyful, it doesn't last long or take itself too seriously and most of all; it rocks hard. Male Bonding play fast, but not thrash metal fast and they are fun loving but not to the point where they are a spoofy band. They have put the fun back into being in a band and slamming on your guitar and singing because it feels really good. They are a must for those of you who enjoy music because its fun and you can go nuts to it. Male Bonding make it ok to pogo on your bed and jump into the wall. They are also bringing D.I.Y aesthetics to a wider audience with their vinyl/tape record label and their passion for playing house parties. Get bonding.

For Fans Of:

No Age, Fair Ohs, Vivian Girls

Friday, 21 May 2010


In the words of Biffy Clyro: "We're Only Making Noises". Very true biff. With some bands, the pleasure is in the vocal delivery and the lyrics. Not the fancy musicianship and fret wanking. Air Waves are one of those bands, that you gotta love for their well crafted, yet simplistic words. The guitars, bass and drums add a nice backdrop to the soft, friendly vocals. Its neat stuff, with songs like "Knock Out" and "Shine On", they leave a warm buzz in the heart. Essential for fans of lo-fi minimalist pop, or just listen to it and dont worry about what genre it is. Air Waves are pretty much surfing a wave of their own.

For Fans Of:

The Luyas, Beach House, Beach Fossils

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


The dude behind Memory Tapes is clever. He makes progressive electronic music thats just like pop music because it all sounds so lovely and catchy. Each song changes at least three times and the beats just get fresher. Each piece by Memory Tapes keeps you hooked, they morph, progress and there are so many sounds going on combined with his ghostly croon, its off the hook! Absolutely off the hook. He blows all these people with computers out the water. BOOMSHACKALACKA!

For Fans Of:

Washed Out, J.Carter, Toro Y Moi

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Whatever book this band are from, Chapter 24 must be the best chapter in the entire book. They come straight at you with surf guitar played fast and crazy with a rhythm section that pounds along with break neck speed. Then you've got the singer who comes across as both punk and pop at the same time. Her voice is hard to label but i know it goes against singing norms and its crazy but catchy! Damn, i got love for Chapter 24. Seeing them live is a treat, the singer jumps up and down and you get to see their hands go mental up and down the frets. And they have a scale of cow bells. Cow Bells are da bomb!! Go read Chapter 24. Forget the rest of the book.

For Fans Of:
Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda, Ima Gymnist

Sunday, 16 May 2010


A clever witch made this band, she mixed up chanting girl/boy vocals, fast as fudge tempos, punk guitars and clattering drums to make. She called it "good music juice", she then poured it over a girl and a boy and they became READING RAINBOW! Pretty neat story huh? Not as neato as the music! Let me tell you boys and girls. Its brilliant! Power Pop Punk Perfection. PPPP!!! Check them out or forever hold your peace! Their live setup looks pretty nuts too, as you can see! Damn, shorty is fine!

For Fans Of:

Eternal Summers, Best Coast, Harlem

Friday, 14 May 2010


I have so much faith in this band to make it BIG STYLE TIME. They make pop that is full of hope, vocal samples, shimmery electronics and sweet sweet female lead vocals. Its quite simply, really nice music. There is nothing going against the system, no anger or hate, nothing of the trend or trying to subvert the trend...Cults simply make joyous and well crafted music. Its subtle at first listen, but the more you listen, the more you get into it. Its truly lovely stuff. Anyone in love? Anyone not in love? This band will give you a boost whatever emotional state you are in. Join the cult.

For Fans Of:

Twin Sister, Happy Family, Summer Camp

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Hailing from Northampton, The Lie Awakes, formerly Richard Peter Snapes And The Lie Awakes, KICK ASS! Not many people are great fans of Northampton, but I find that bands like this restore my faith. They have a knack for penning awesome pop songs with a rockNroll edge and a mysterious forlornness. Its not just guitars and moaning about love lyrics. The lyrics are imaginative and the songs vary from driving anthems to more subtle numbers. They are an awesome band that have a true talent. Can you tell how much I like them yet? Im sure you will all be massive fans of them after reading this and checking them the funk out. Their debut album is a stonking classic in my mind, every song has its own characteristics and there are ambient interludes that are genius! Go see them live or lie awake listening to the album. Either will benefit you homies.

For Fans Of:

My First Tooth, New Cassettes, Joel Harries

Monday, 10 May 2010


I know you've all heard a synth before, but Neon Indian is doing something new and AWESOME with synthesizers. All the effects sound old and totally unpolished, he is one of the awesome ones in this new "glo-fi" scene emerging. So i think you should get involved, he conjures up perfect alternative summer anthems. Its the kind of thing you should play at a cool BBQ partay in the sun. And best of all, girls and geezers, his music just makes you happy. Unless you get happy off miserable stuff...even'll all be dancing like neon indians in no time. Trust.

For Fans Of:

Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Memory Tapes

Sunday, 9 May 2010


With some bands, the songs just speak for themselves. I knew nothing about Internet Forever, I saw them live by chance and my mind was blown like Al Capone. I didnt need to even watch them play, i closed my eyes and the songs were just so damn fine. Bored of the pop on the radio? Bored of your local bands? Bored of your record collection? Lets just say music bores you at the moment! Get Internet Forever into your life!! There songs are simple, well written and inventive! Yeah, they all look cool and their recordings have a low fidelity, thats cool. BUT THE SONGS! THE SONGS ARE SO GOOD! They must be little pop geniuses, i hope the whole world discovers them, maybe even through the internet itself. Internet Forever FOREVER!

For Fans Of:

Pens, Times New Viking, Stairs to Korea

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Girls are awesome, that must be why there are a lot of bands with the same word in their names. But flippin' ell, Vivian Girls are one of the best. They play classic guitar pop, re-imagined by three super hot girls with a bit of attitude. The simplicity of the songs bears charm, but its the three part vocal harmonies that give their songs that really catchy element. The lo-fi of their recordings is COOL and doesn't reduce the quality of the songs and it sounds way better than over produced pop fluff. I used to think "they just don't make them like this anymore" every time i heard a Shangri-Las record but now i eat those words and wash them down with a cool glass of VIVIAN GIRLS!!! Let the guitars jangle, the drums pound, the bass boom along and the vocals, oh sweet momma, the vocals restore your faith in awesome, alternative, guitar pop! POP!

For Fans Of:

Dum Dum Girls, The Shangri Las, Best Coast

Monday, 26 April 2010


"When i'm with you, i have fun" - better words could not be used to describe the vibe of Best Coast's music. She said it herself! Best Coast write those special kind of songs that are lovely and poppy but feel honest at the same time. You won't see them in the gossip magazines or being spammed on the radio. But what you will find with Best Coast, is that their songs are hum dingers and they may well be your new favourite band in no time at all. Their songs have a certain positivity and drive to them. Best Coast may well be the best of the coasts, but they are also one of the best new pop acts. And with a jingle here and an jangle there, they just bring on the summer faster than the sun itself.

For Fans Of:

Vivians Girls, Dum Dum Girls, Girls

Thursday, 22 April 2010


the feel good rock and roll band of the summer! Ladies and gents, get ready to rock out and roll down a hill in a lover's arms. Harlem are here. Bringing the good times aplenty with their hooks a plenty rock. Anthems like "Friendly Ghost" and "Gay Human Bones" will rock your world, your socks, and all your friends worlds and socks too. How many times have i said rock so far? Not enough times, just like you won't be able to get enough of Harlem! You are sure to be singing "Psychedelic Tits" as you walk to school. HARLEM. ROCK. HARD. ROCK.

For fans of:

Black Lips, Wavves, Strange Boys

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Certain bands make me run around with joy humming their songs like a little fanboy more than others. Dum Dum Girls is one of those bands! They are one of the greatest new girl groups around, so put down your Sugababes record and listen up! Dum Dum Girls have not only established themselves as an awesome band for their catchy as the common cold songs, they are recognised for their distinctive image. Dressed in black with cool hair and tights combined with their "i don't need to try hard to impress you" stage presence, they are a killer act. Armed with songs like "Jail La La" for instance, it won't be too long at all before you fall in love with them. Their songs are sweet without being teeth-rottingly twee and have a badassness about them that will appeal to all the boys and girls who are cool without being cruel.

For fans of:

Vivian Girls, Best Coast, Pens

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Fed up with the same old chords getting strummed to death? Chords are good yeah, but it's nice to have a refrain from the humble art. Enter 72% Morrissey. I was in a guitar shop once, distributing posters for a 72% Morrissey and Drool gig at the Labour Club and the guy in there asked if 72% were a Morrissey cover band, i had to tell him they weren't. He then asked if they were anything like the bloke, i had to again let him down and say no. But what they are, my friends, are wizards of the skewiffy time signatures and catchy yet brutally loud melody. They have no need to sing or write lyrics, the instrumental speaks for itself. With anthems like "Grandma's Revenge" and "Dumb Rat, Damp Cat" up their wizard sleeves, they are already making an impression. A supergroup of sorts, they will have your mouth humming and your head banging along to their 72% Morrissey, 100% awesome progressivepophardcore. A new genre? Ahh who cares, they rock hard and that's all you need to know.

For fans of:

You Slut!, Biffy Clyro, Battles