Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Sometimes, you can get a good feel for who a person is from their voice. Case in point, fresh on the scene rapper: Giggs. The confidence, imagination and general swag radiates from Giggs deep vocal tones. He doesn't need to spit out his rhymes quick smart, he knows they are so good that he has time to savour each word as he lays them down over a track. His verses are full of imagination and effortless cool. Tired of violent MCs squeeking inaudible bars over sped up violins? Maybe not, it is pretty cool, but even so, Giggs has got a lot more to offer. And as well as providing the solid gold verses such as "I'm a breast man but I rate arses", he brings most of the choruses to his tracks too. Mmmmm, tastes urban! ME LIKE! ME LIKE!

For Fans Of:

MF DOOM, Wiley, Lil Wayne

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