Tuesday, 23 November 2010


From the ashes of the much loved Cajun Dance Party, who you should also check out if you want floaty yet yearning guitar based musings, comes the joy to behold that is Yuck! Sometimes, when a good band breaks up, you get pants stuff that isn't as good coming from the key members, such a shame. But with CDP, it's two members decided to take what they were doing to the next flippin level all together! As Yuck, its four members make simple songs based around melody and great guitar sounds. They spice up the winning formula of drums, guitar, vocals and bass with surreal lyrics and their ability to write a solid gold guitar pop song one minute, and a grungey epic the next. All they got is basic instruments and voices, but what they do with simplicity is simply devine. And if you thought that was off the hook varied, it aint the last of it! Yu(c)k, the Yuck side project is the band making stripped back to the bone songs that are heart felt, slow and full of cool ass lyrics that you might totally relate to or completely not understand (in a good way). Visit their blog for free songs and cool drawings, see them live for a great show, listen to their songs to bless your musical mind. What more do you want? Nothing? GOOD! The chaps behind it all have supremely creative chops, thats for sure. Love it with a bit of chips.


For Fans Of:

Sonic Youth, Fanzine, Cajun Dance Party

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