Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Tired to the back teeth of dirty beats? You really want to clear your mind of hazey lo-fi beatscapes, piling up in your ears? Cool. Get some Chad Valley in your ears, like Mr.Muscle cleaning out a toilet, Chad Valley will rinse out your ears with his sparkly, complicated, dancey and prancey electronica. And boy oh boy can the boy croon. Straight out of Oxford, straight out of the Blessing Force collective, straight out of the buzz surrounding him, Chad Valley is hear for us all! His great tunes sound polished, fresh and buzzing with life! It's easy to write him off as a summer party jam maker, but I think the Chad Valley noises can be enjoyed all year round, maybe even Christmas. Music can often be seasonal, but Chad Valley rulez so much that he can be enjoyed forever! Foals like him, so you should like him.

For Fans Of:
Pet Moon, Small Black, Baths

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