Sunday, 7 November 2010


Wotwolff are freaking awesome. Lets get that clear from the off. Guitarist + Drummer + Shouting = an exhilerating noise fest. The riffs buzz and squeel while the drums take a righteous beating. They create a frenzied sound of their very own. And they don't care what you think, nope, but you should care about them, yup. Thats the way this is going to work. And anyway, whats not to like? You can go mental and forget your troubles to Wotwolff, the live show rulez. And their frenetic live show doesn't compromise their songs over performance. They combine going nuts and playing nuts resulting in the crowd going nuts. And if you don't lose your marbles to Wotwolff then you didn't have any marbles in the first place. They are making the Northampton music scene interesting and totally non bogus again.!/pages/Wotwolff/124085397649558

For Fans Of:

Pets, 72% Morrissey, Drool

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