Tuesday, 30 November 2010


This man is making some liquid dynamite music. It flows like a really cool drink of soda down your throat, except it's going in through your ears! Soda in you ears! The equivalent! But the soda has gone flat so all the nasty fizz and fuzz is gone and the sweet sweet clear taste can be enjoyed. Result! Most people would say that soda isn't good when it's flat but THIS SODA is the best brother! Lo-fi electronics using equipment from medievil times is all well and good mr.lo-fi man, but we want something clean and F R E S H to death. We need a bath. We need Baths. The man is like super cool with his side burns, he ain't no pose in the sun teenager, he pose with a dog, dawg! And if you ever set your peepers on him when he's live, his hands are amazing, they twist and press to conjure his glitch beats, he'll be bringing in the big dollah. So hollah his way, with your ears. He got some tunes under his belt like "Aminals" and "Apologetic Shoulder Blades" that are shveet to the extreme, I would follow him to the endz of the earth. He is the future! Baths, bathe me with your liguidy fresh electonic beatscapes. Take a bath!

For Fans Of:

Mount Kimbie, Toro Y Moi, J.Carter

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


From the ashes of the much loved Cajun Dance Party, who you should also check out if you want floaty yet yearning guitar based musings, comes the joy to behold that is Yuck! Sometimes, when a good band breaks up, you get pants stuff that isn't as good coming from the key members, such a shame. But with CDP, it's two members decided to take what they were doing to the next flippin level all together! As Yuck, its four members make simple songs based around melody and great guitar sounds. They spice up the winning formula of drums, guitar, vocals and bass with surreal lyrics and their ability to write a solid gold guitar pop song one minute, and a grungey epic the next. All they got is basic instruments and voices, but what they do with simplicity is simply devine. And if you thought that was off the hook varied, it aint the last of it! Yu(c)k, the Yuck side project is the band making stripped back to the bone songs that are heart felt, slow and full of cool ass lyrics that you might totally relate to or completely not understand (in a good way). Visit their blog for free songs and cool drawings, see them live for a great show, listen to their songs to bless your musical mind. What more do you want? Nothing? GOOD! The chaps behind it all have supremely creative chops, thats for sure. Love it with a bit of chips.


For Fans Of:

Sonic Youth, Fanzine, Cajun Dance Party

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Sometimes, you can get a good feel for who a person is from their voice. Case in point, fresh on the scene rapper: Giggs. The confidence, imagination and general swag radiates from Giggs deep vocal tones. He doesn't need to spit out his rhymes quick smart, he knows they are so good that he has time to savour each word as he lays them down over a track. His verses are full of imagination and effortless cool. Tired of violent MCs squeeking inaudible bars over sped up violins? Maybe not, it is pretty cool, but even so, Giggs has got a lot more to offer. And as well as providing the solid gold verses such as "I'm a breast man but I rate arses", he brings most of the choruses to his tracks too. Mmmmm, tastes urban! ME LIKE! ME LIKE!

For Fans Of:

MF DOOM, Wiley, Lil Wayne

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Wotwolff are freaking awesome. Lets get that clear from the off. Guitarist + Drummer + Shouting = an exhilerating noise fest. The riffs buzz and squeel while the drums take a righteous beating. They create a frenzied sound of their very own. And they don't care what you think, nope, but you should care about them, yup. Thats the way this is going to work. And anyway, whats not to like? You can go mental and forget your troubles to Wotwolff, the live show rulez. And their frenetic live show doesn't compromise their songs over performance. They combine going nuts and playing nuts resulting in the crowd going nuts. And if you don't lose your marbles to Wotwolff then you didn't have any marbles in the first place. They are making the Northampton music scene interesting and totally non bogus again.


For Fans Of:

Pets, 72% Morrissey, Drool

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Tired to the back teeth of dirty beats? You really want to clear your mind of hazey lo-fi beatscapes, piling up in your ears? Cool. Get some Chad Valley in your ears, like Mr.Muscle cleaning out a toilet, Chad Valley will rinse out your ears with his sparkly, complicated, dancey and prancey electronica. And boy oh boy can the boy croon. Straight out of Oxford, straight out of the Blessing Force collective, straight out of the buzz surrounding him, Chad Valley is hear for us all! His great tunes sound polished, fresh and buzzing with life! It's easy to write him off as a summer party jam maker, but I think the Chad Valley noises can be enjoyed all year round, maybe even Christmas. Music can often be seasonal, but Chad Valley rulez so much that he can be enjoyed forever! Foals like him, so you should like him.

For Fans Of:
Pet Moon, Small Black, Baths

Monday, 1 November 2010


It may not be perfect weather for a picnic anymore, but if you like recreating picnics in your bedroom with your friends, then you need a soundtrack, right? RIGHT ON! Well get yourself some Seapony tracks for free off the amazing internet. They are well worth it. The vocal delivery is soft and romantic, the songs roll along at a peaceful pace, it's all quite lovely. So unless your picnics are mini heavy metal festivals, the gentle hum of Seapony's guitar/drums/vocals/simples songs will set the mood for some chillwave feelings all around. Music should make you feel something, the music coming atcha from Seapony will make you feel good, girlfriend!!!!


For Fans Of:

Beach House, Best Coast, Teen Daze