Thursday, 28 April 2011


 Each one of Disclosure tracks has a different atmosphere, a different sound and a fresh plate of hot steamy beats. This means that Disclosure are 1) clever, 2) fun to listen to and 3) big in the beat game. So next time you hop skip and jump down to your local disco, expect tracks like "Carnival" to be pumping loud. Disclosure are making forward and backward thinking beats that sound shiny and new. Tired of dance being under a hazy lo-fi smog? Take a shower with Disclosure. They are clean. They are also fast when it's good to be fast, and laid back when it's good to be laid back. They don't stick to one sound or musical template. They constantly deliver, they switch it up a notch! So whether your a DnB head, a Dubstepper, a slave to Chillwave or even if you just sell lemonade on a street corner, Disclosure need to be in your headphones making your legs twitch.

For Fans Of:

Mount Kimbie, Beat Connection, Hard Mix

Friday, 22 April 2011


Shannon And The Clams could quite easily run off a bunch of their songs without spending time figuring them out or adding anything extra. Because strip away all the extra loving attention the songs have been given and what you will find are some brilliantly pure pop songs. What makes them extra mouth watering is all the crazed backing vocals, the lead vocals that belt out each song like it was the last song being sung, the twinkly yet unhinged guitar and the undeniable energy that makes them fizz. Every twang, strum, ooh and aah builds up to a musical equivalent of blowing through a straw into a milkshake and watching the bubbles froth over the edge of the glass. This band makes for some seriously good listening. Boys and girls, get ready to swoon.

For Fans Of:

Hunx And His Punx, Girls, French Kissing

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


A new era of electronic beat making is bubbling up from the depths of the internet. Blood Diamonds are one of those beat makers who are swimming with more confident strokes to the top of the game. They are big in the game. Or should be anyway, it's hard to tell with the internet sometimes. Utilize the web dear reader, and poor some Blood Diamonds beats down your ear lobes. They are funky, dancey and their chopped up samples add a human touch to their other wordly sound scapes. Soon to be soundtracking a club night near you: Blood Diamonds. Precious stuff.

For Fans Of:

Purity Ring, Four Tet, Jamie XX

Friday, 8 April 2011


They are by no means easy on the old ears. But what they are proving is that girls can grunt and shout like a thug, just as well as dudes can. It all sounds quite bish bash bosh, but their charm lies in their honesty, both in delivery and the lyrics of the songs. I think to appreciate their vibes fully, you'd need to witness Thrush Metal live. Good one Thrush Metal, for switching it up and bringing girl power back, not that it ever went away. The world just needs a reminder sometimes. What better reminder than an (un)healthy dose of Thrush Metal. With lyrics like "Put your pussy in his face", it's enough to make your gran choke on a hard boiled sweet. So learn the heimlich maneuver before you give them a listen at your gran's house.

For Fans Of:

Pens, Lazy Mary, Kate Nash

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


just a teeny weeny animationy thing i made.
fave boy dancing to one of my fave songs.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Just when you thought electronic music couldn't be taken any further, something fresh and fruity comes along. Ready for you to suck up into your ears through a straw. Two Inch Punch is a crackly, sample-led marathon of melody and strange noises working together in perfect harmony. The Two Inch Punch sound is one that is always shifting. Just when your ears are succuming to a pitch shifted melody here or a flourish of bleeps there, they are whisked away again. To be replaced with something else, equally as fizzy and joyous. When it comes to summer, Two Inch Punch is what you'll hummer.

For Fans Of:

Baths, Gold Panda, Ghosthunter

Friday, 1 April 2011


Each belter that is belted out by Therapies Son is belting. People will complain and say "aww wah wah this isn't worthy of being celebrated, it's just this or it's just that." Haters gonna hate. It's the kind of music that doesn't need to be looked into deeply or criticized or hype hype hyped. It's something to be enjoyed, something to hum or whistle as you skip on down the road. Melody is key in anthems like "Touching Down" or "Yellow Mama", two of the tracks already making people joyous. Therapies Son make it great to hear a sweet guitar lick or a punchy piano chord again. Even his ghostly croon is pleasurable on the ears. Whether it's heard in it's current lo-fi state or whether it gets pumped up to hi-fi, the melodies are what shine on! Enjoy yourself with a bit of Therapies Son.

For Fans Of:

Beach Boys, Grizzly Bear, La Sera