Friday, 22 April 2011


Shannon And The Clams could quite easily run off a bunch of their songs without spending time figuring them out or adding anything extra. Because strip away all the extra loving attention the songs have been given and what you will find are some brilliantly pure pop songs. What makes them extra mouth watering is all the crazed backing vocals, the lead vocals that belt out each song like it was the last song being sung, the twinkly yet unhinged guitar and the undeniable energy that makes them fizz. Every twang, strum, ooh and aah builds up to a musical equivalent of blowing through a straw into a milkshake and watching the bubbles froth over the edge of the glass. This band makes for some seriously good listening. Boys and girls, get ready to swoon.

For Fans Of:

Hunx And His Punx, Girls, French Kissing

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