Friday, 8 April 2011


They are by no means easy on the old ears. But what they are proving is that girls can grunt and shout like a thug, just as well as dudes can. It all sounds quite bish bash bosh, but their charm lies in their honesty, both in delivery and the lyrics of the songs. I think to appreciate their vibes fully, you'd need to witness Thrush Metal live. Good one Thrush Metal, for switching it up and bringing girl power back, not that it ever went away. The world just needs a reminder sometimes. What better reminder than an (un)healthy dose of Thrush Metal. With lyrics like "Put your pussy in his face", it's enough to make your gran choke on a hard boiled sweet. So learn the heimlich maneuver before you give them a listen at your gran's house.

For Fans Of:

Pens, Lazy Mary, Kate Nash

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