Thursday, 24 June 2010


With any band, the attitude is very important. The attitude can often be more inspiring that the music, take punk for instance. Wavves have a fresh attitude towards making distorted guitar pop songs which makes them a cut above the rest of the current scene of lo-fi punk. Nothing new, they juxtapose fuzzed up guitar with vocals that are a combination of punk slur and pop as pop can be melodies and hooks. But the fact that they do it so well is undeniable!!! And who cares about whats new and pushing the boundaries these days? Its too hard to do. And its clear Wavves dont care either. They are doing their own thing, and that is an attitude to admire. They are sticking it to the man with both fingers. Whack them on the stereo, and believe me, you will want to rock out and sing along at the same time. You might explode with joy! Wavves bring the good times faster than a plane full of naked girls with five engines.

For Fans Of:

Male Bonding, No Age, Old Blood

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