Thursday, 3 June 2010


You can tell that these guys really mean it when they sing about the importance of cheese and freckles. The lead singer has a lovely voice that will make you want to go "awww!" and the combo of a casio and a guitar is just a winner! They craft delicate pop songs with funny yet romantic lyrics, and on the EP i got from them, they even brought back the a cappela noise of "bom bom bom". They are genius. If you need more proof of their genius, just check out the look they are rocking, one of them even has a mighty moustache! If you like your pop music to be sweet like a sugary treat and straight from the heart then look NO further than Moustache Of Insanity. They are insane!

For Fans Of:

Winston Echo, Pens, Allo Darlin'

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    check my music if you're down with nujabes type ish