Sunday, 20 June 2010


This band is totally in my special league of the next great generation of rock n roll bands that i have in my mind. Not a great thing for Smith Westerns to achieve, but what they do achieve is their own definitive style of rock and roll peppered with pop hooks. Sure its obvious that they take inspiration from glam rock, but they dont just make glam rock music. They make music the Smith Westerns way. Which is way cool. They are also sticking it to the man with the lo-fi production of their songs, which works with the songs themselves. They arent just jumping on the lo-fi bandwagon. And if all these reasons just arent enough for you to go and get them in your life, then let me tell you this. They look cool as a pool full of skinny jeans. Smith Westerns got the look down, the sound down and the production down. Sound as a pound.

For Fans Of:

Harlem, Girls, Magic Kids

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