Tuesday, 25 May 2010


This band have captured exactly what its like to have a friend through their music. Its fast, joyful, it doesn't last long or take itself too seriously and most of all; it rocks hard. Male Bonding play fast, but not thrash metal fast and they are fun loving but not to the point where they are a spoofy band. They have put the fun back into being in a band and slamming on your guitar and singing because it feels really good. They are a must for those of you who enjoy music because its fun and you can go nuts to it. Male Bonding make it ok to pogo on your bed and jump into the wall. They are also bringing D.I.Y aesthetics to a wider audience with their vinyl/tape record label and their passion for playing house parties. Get bonding.


For Fans Of:

No Age, Fair Ohs, Vivian Girls

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