Friday, 16 July 2010


Three dudes making some down right dirty guitar pop taking inspiration from all the best sub genres? Surf, punk, indie and more? WOW! Sounds like i'd really want to listen to them and rock the funk out. You guessed right Timmy, or whatever your name is! Fungi Girls DO IT and they DO IT good. What is it they do, you ask? They combine shredding fuzz with juicy guitar licks and sing like they don't care that much. It all gets mixed together to create some lovely, if gloomy at times, guitar pop! You can shuffle to it, you can lose your mind to it, you can gaze at your shoes to it. Its just pretty darn cool. Essential for lovers of the guitar, and of the pop! Instead of just completely ripping off their idols, they take the inspiration and turn it into something of their own. Fungi Girls, WE SALUTE YOU!

For Fans Of:

Abe Vigoda, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Wavves

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