Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Certain bands make me run around with joy humming their songs like a little fanboy more than others. Dum Dum Girls is one of those bands! They are one of the greatest new girl groups around, so put down your Sugababes record and listen up! Dum Dum Girls have not only established themselves as an awesome band for their catchy as the common cold songs, they are recognised for their distinctive image. Dressed in black with cool hair and tights combined with their "i don't need to try hard to impress you" stage presence, they are a killer act. Armed with songs like "Jail La La" for instance, it won't be too long at all before you fall in love with them. Their songs are sweet without being teeth-rottingly twee and have a badassness about them that will appeal to all the boys and girls who are cool without being cruel.


For fans of:

Vivian Girls, Best Coast, Pens

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