Thursday, 7 October 2010


Sometimes bands can get too wrapped up in their image or their arty farty style. They forget what makes music so great in the first place, which is a great uplifting song. The Vaccines haven't forgotten what makes songs good, they know exactly what does the trickity lick. Big chorus sung with heart and feeling? Check. Guitars. Check. The divine structure of a simple song. Check. They make awesome songs. If you don't believe moi, check these bad boys out fo size yo fo: "Blow It Up", "If You Wanna" and "Wreckin Bar". Pidgeon hole them into whatever hole you see fit, but you can't deny the coolness of their songs. Super fly AND super fine. FIST PUMP TO THE SKY!

For Fans Of:

Surfer Blood, The Drums, Best Coast

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