Monday, 11 October 2010


There are a lot of beat masters knocking about, but which beat master can you really trust? Probably all of them, beat masters are nice people. But Toro Y Moi is one of those musicians that has mastered a beat of his own. His style is deep within the confines of electronic music, but he is doing all kinds of crazy things with electronic beats. But enough about the beats. The feel of his music is of a chilled out vibe, and so he has been roped under the chillwave genre. But he has already promised a guitar album coming up in the pipeline. Toro Y Moi provides almost constant interesting new ideas, he has already progressed with his live show, switching from the laptop to the full in your face band. So live, his wonky dance tunes can really come to life. Anyone who digs dance music that is almost as far from convention as possible should plug into Toro Y Moi. And if you like your dance music more straight forward, he even provides that through his repetition heavy side project Les Sins. Damn!!! Dance to a different kind of beat (master).

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Les Sins, Washed Out, Baths

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  1. I keep seeing this guy's name everywhere, but I have no idea what he sounds like. I thought he had some sort of angsty guitary thing going on, so now I'm even more confused. Nice blog by the way. I'll be back for sure. Nik