Friday, 26 March 2010


This may well be a bold statement, or maybe im just not very musically clued up OR it could just be the truth. but i havent heard anything like Why? before. Sure ive heard other bands use the same instruments as Why? but their sound, its so fresh. They combine beautiful melodies with surreal lyrics and a rapping style of singing. The really pleasing to the ears beats top of the musical equivalent of a hot chocolate fudge cherry cream sunday that is Why?'s music. They have a unique style of writing, and you can be snobby about it if you want and say yeah but it sounds like this and that BUT you cant deny the fact that they have superb music. Can you feel the passion i have for them? You'll feel it yourself soon enough! Why should you listen to Why?, because i said so thats why.

For fans of:

Beck, Everything Everything, Cherry Ghost

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