Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Some people are gifted. Eric Rivera is one of those people. He has a creative buzz around him that brings to the world: comics, art, videos and best of all: songs. He has been performing them solo as Eric Rivera around the town of Northampton and has become the man, the myth, the legend. Done. His creative output comes mainly from Cologne Factory, which is his comic book imprint and the name given to his musical output. He is also involved with the brilliantly nut job Mankindness Records. So you get the picture: awesome dude, with enough ideas for three people's minds. Then when you hear his songs, you'll know why music is one of his most exuberantly good talents. Whistles, yodels, guitar strums and deranged lyricism make each one of his songs just the right amount of catchy and the nice side of weird. They make sense to the ears. Trust.


For Fans Of:

Winston Echo, Magic Tricks, Line & A Dot

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