Thursday, 5 May 2011


So maybe Champ is a bit late on the How To Dress Well phenomenon, but boy is he fine G. Where he may not show you the way to dressing well, he will show you his shiny new songs that will make you feel cold in a good way. Nice shivers. Alas, How To Dress Well, at first listen, may make you want to yawn and say things like "boo lo-fi" or "hiss! hipster poo". But just build a bridge, because How To Dress Well are worth your ear time. He do it better than anyone ever seen do it. According to the internet evidence, its just one dude making the dreamy, barely held together by a thread R'n'B. He has taken a genre that has lost its cool from constant overplaying on the radio and overproduction from overproducing over-producers. And do you know what he has done with it? He has made R'n'B ice cold cool again. The rhythm bit of Rhythm and Blues though, has been replaced with abstract synth washing sounds and general atmospheric tension. The Blues is there in all it's cryptic glory. It works really well, and accompanied by his soulfully high pitched croon, a winning formula has been invented. Gold has been struck. It's not cool to just pigeon hole the man into ethereal R'n'B. But it sounds cool. And so does How To Dress Well.

For Fans Of:

The Weeknd, Blackbird Blackbird, Balam Acab

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