Thursday, 17 March 2011



Often, bands with enthusiasm for crazy ideas and throwing together different sounds are fobbed off as arty fart farts. Please, for the love of Bill and Ted, don't fob off Jonquil. They are far too infectiously catchy and enthusiastic for you to simply brush them off your shoulder. Coming on strong with summery vibes and sounds that make you want to dance in three different directions at once, Jonquil are quite frankly brilliant. Fans of strange structured songs that are easy on the ears and the eyes will love Jonquil. How can you not love a band called Jonquil? And the main dude from Jonquil is now doing Chad Valley which is equally brilliant. His croon is the talk of the town, and Jonquil are the cat's pyjamas.

For Fans Of;

Animal Collective, Chad Valley, Fixers

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