Sunday, 28 February 2010


straight up, this girls are hip! they are one of the greats in the lo-fi punk scene. they are bringing back some original aesthetics back to punk music in the fact that they cant play all that well. but this doesnt mean they cant right good songs, no way sir! they have some awesome pop punk tunes up their short sleeve sleeves. there is a certain charm found in their vocal led, keyboard, drums and guitar combo! they are the sugababes of lo-fi punk and they are sticking it to the man! dont worry kids, you dont need to be able to play guitar to be able to play guitar. Pens!!! anthems like "High In The Cinema" and "Freddy" will get you whipping your pens out. damn son.

For fans of:

Vivian Girls, Wet Dog, La La Vasquez

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