Thursday, 3 February 2011


You can always trust Chris East when it comes to bands. He starts them, he's in them and he does a bang tidy job of promoting them. And just when you thought he couldn't do any better, boom! Anguish Sandwich appear on your plate, asking you to "leave my braaaiiin alone!". They got the no frills sing/strum/bash sound that doesn't try too hard to impress, but impresses all the same. Chris's knack for penning humorous yet lyrically engaging songs with just the right amount of pop sensibility is still present with Anguish Sandwich. It's also beefed up a notch with the addition of some tidy drums and bass. Fan of Winston Echo (Chris's alter-ego acoustic mastermind)? Then be witness to his new electric fun times, you'd be a fool not to ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out.


For Fans Of:

Winston Echo, Mazes, Pheromoans

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